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07967 302 491

About me

If you would like to discuss your health concerns without obligation, please email me to book a free 10 minute call. There is no obligation and you will not be charged for recommendations made within this free call.

Functional Medicine:
I offer private laboratory testing for viruses inc Cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr
HSV-1, HSV-2, HHV6. Heavy metal analytes inc mercury, lead. Comprehensive food intolerance testing. Chemical clean-up. Parasitology. Genetic nutrition using gene panels; 23&Me, DNA Fit, DNA Health.

Consultation Three initial consultations are required to set you up with the correct dietary and supplement advice. On-going consultation may also be required. Results can begin to be felt within as little as 7-21 days.
However where a chronic health condition is present ongoing support is recommended for up 2 years.

Metabolic Typing and Genetic Nutrition: Biotyping and Genetic Nutrition de-mystifyes the ’why do all diets not suit all people’ dilemma. Discover which which ’way of eating’ applies to you!

Systematic Kinesiology: A complete system of muscle testing, re-balancing and re-tuning the energy systems for therapeutic care. I use this support supplement selection and dosing. This guarantees you will ONLY be taking supplements that support your health.

Anna BaudrainNT is an insured Nutritionist.

"I seek to make a difference in my client’s life, to offer a viable, effective and natural antidote to the pharmaceutical model by offering a broad skill-set to support and the whole person, rather than just treating the pinnacle expression – the disease"

Anna work mainly with the chronic and complex cases combining Gene testing, Kinesiology (muscle testing) and Functional medicine. Prior to your initial consultation Anna completes an in-depth assessment, considering each client as a stand alone case before creating bespoke diet and supplementation recommendations.

"I am continually exploring how nutrition and balanced biochemistry can support us to find best mood, energy, weight, outlook, digestion and immunity – to name a few…… Fundamentally, I always seek to identify and manage the underlying cause of a symptom rather than to manage the symptom alone."


  • DipNN, DipNut, BA (hons)
  • Full Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • 10 years practice in Nutrition and 15 years practice in the Alternate healing arts to include yoga, meditation, kundalini yoga, reiki, EMF balancing.
  • Full-time Nutritional Therapist Many other therapists need to keep a part-time job for secure income, but this is the only work I do, so I can give 100% time, commitment and flexible appts to my clients. I can tell you honestly which supplement brands work, and which ‘free-from’ foods taste nice and which don’t!
  • I don’t stop studying! I attend lectures to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in Nutrition.

Why Choose Me?

I take the time to listen to your unique story. Paying attention to all your signs and symptoms, helps me to identify which hidden nutritional deficiencies and weaknesses of your organs, may be occurring in your body, (but I will always refer you to consult your GP to receive a medical diagnosis).

I take care to recommend only foods and supplements that will support your body in preparation for, during, or after any medical intervention, seeking to minimise any drug side effects.

Nature & Science

My approach blends the best of modern clinical research with the traditional principles of harnessing the healing power of Nature.

Focus on food

Healthy food is the cheapest, safest, and most natural long-term treatment, suitable for all ages: from babies to the elderly. Nutrition is not a fad nor an optional therapy – we all have to eat food to live!

Safe & effective supplements

There is no obligation to use supplements, but as they can accelerate your recovery, I can recommend an individualised prescription for you of quality vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbals, omega fats, etc.

Laboratory Testing

I can identify a lot of what could be wrong with your health just by talking to you, but some specific lab tests can be really helpful, to pinpoint the problem. I can refer you to obtain private lab testing if you cannot get all the necessary tests from your GP. You can do many of these tests at home, easily and in private, to sample your urine, saliva or hair. I do not pressure you to buy diagnostic tests, but will help you choose the ones most useful to identify hidden causes of your health problems. I then interpret your results and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

KEY Home test-kits provided by Nutri-Wise include:

  • GI Health Panels; Intestinal Permeability / Parasitology / Complete Digestion
  • Adrenal Profile
  • Metabolic Analysis Profile
  • Peripheral Thyroid Testing
  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Male and Female Hormone Panels: Progesterone / Oestradiol / Testosterone
  • Bone Resorption Testing
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Toxic Element Test & Toxic Clearance Test

Bite-size goals

You choose even just 1 of my recommended goals that you know you can achieve at one time, so that you can regularly make small improvements that add up to big, positive and permanent changes of your eating plan and lifestyle. These little changes become an automatic part of your daily routine, so they are no longer an effort.

Friendly, gentle motivating support

I know what is realistically possible for busy people who juggle work and family  commitments. I know how real life gets in the way of your best intentions! So I will not ‘judge’ or ‘lecture’ you – Nobody eats the perfect diet all of the time! YOU decide how strict you want to be with yourself. You set your own pace to make realistically achievable changes, to improve your eating plan and lifestyle. I am your guide, to help keep you motivated and enjoying nutritious food in your quest for good health.

Helping you to help yourself for life

Nutritional Therapy is not about temporary ‘quick fixes’ but long-term rewards. My aim is to empower you with nutritional knowledge, setting you on the right path to achieve your future goals.

Training, qualifications & experience

Diploma in Natural Nutrition.
Diploma in Optimum Nutrition
Certificate to practice Hydrotherapy with West of England school of Hydrotherapy.
Certificate to practice Kinesiology, at Foundation levels 1-4
Certificate to practise EFT

9 years clinical experience.


Initial Consultation £216
Follow-up consultations £108

Laboratory tests are individually priced, subject to Lab fees.

Bradford-on-Avon, BA15

Type of session

Online nutrition support: Yes
Telephone nutrition support: Yes
Face to face nutrition: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Tuesday 10-2pm Friday 10-2pm