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Set the goals you wish to achieve, over-come self sabotaging belief patterns, learn about how your body shape looses weight and stores fat, learn about which key foods will be feeding into your fat cycle - you'll be surprised!

Week 1: Goal setting. What is your big 10 out of 10? What is your big vision for your weight and shape, one that would improve your confidence and happiness factor? In this session you will benefit from putting your vision on the map and the power of positive goal setting.  

Week 2:
Congruency. There's no use having a big vision if every time we hold it in mind it erects a wall of resistance around you!  In this session you'll learn a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  EFT provides the method to remove emotional blockages, leading to increased congruency between ourselves and goals, and  bigger our visions.  In fact it can potentially positively affect every area of life!!    

Week 3: Bodytyping. We all lose weight according to our body-type (body-shape).  In this session you will benefit from understanding which body-type is you.  Put the drama of conflicting dietary advice behind you and finally understand which information applies directly to you.  

Week 4: There is huge benefit when understanding any key health issue that may be affecting your weight management and weight gain: Thyroid, Adrenal glands / cortisol levels, Gut health, Liver and toxins in the environment can all potentially affect your weight, shape, and health.  Wisen up to your weak-links! 
Wk5: Key foods affecting weight gain: Dairy, Glycogen, Wheat, Sugar, Hydrogenated fats.  Benefit from learning which foods booby-trap your weight management.

Week 6: Consolidation and question time. Throw all of your un-answered questions into the mix.  You will this session (and course) feeling fully empowered.

Your Tool-Kit

Screen%20shot%202013-05-02%20at%2013.29.Emotional Freedom Technique
Have you ever repeated an affirmation to yourself and felt nothing but a wall of resistance. Well that is because you were not congruent with the affirmation. Basically, you knew deep down it wasn't true for you, so instead of taking it on as truth you erected a wall of resistance. Ouch!!! Well EFT has the capacity to bring down those walls, simply by creating congruency between you and the affirmation. It takes five minutes to learn - and just as long to perform. Whilst learning this effective technique you will receive scripts to practice. Re-wire your thinking and become congruent with your goals. 
Practised anytime, any place and takes only five minutes to perform.

Screen%20shot%202013-05-02%20at%2013.30.Metabolic Typing
How does your body shape affect how you loose weight? BIO-TYPING:  Imagine if you finally understood how your body shape burns energy and influences metabolism.  There are 5 main Bio-types, each with a dominant endocrine gland. You may be a fast oxidizer or a slow oxidizer, with either a Smpathetic or Parasympatheic dominance.  Depending on which, this key biological difference will influence which dietary advice will suit you. The correct diet is absolutely necessary if one wishes to detoxify the body quickly, safely and effectively.  On this course you will learn and receive handouts according to which foods speed up your metabolic processes.  Unlock the key to your health.


Weight Management On Your Terms,will be running once a week over 6 weeks.  

  • 10-12.30pm Wednesday 12th June
  • 10-12.30pm Wednesday 19th June
  • 10-12.30pm Wednesday 26th June
  • 10-12.30pm Wednesday 3rd July
  • 10-12.30pm Wednesday 10th July
  • 10-12.30pm Wednesday 17th July

These classes are exceptional value for money at only £15 each or £80 when booking in advance for all six classes. There is a maximum of 10 spaces on the course.

To book your place call Anna on 07967 302 491 or email annabaudrain@hotmail.com

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Hosted by Anna Baudrain-Haynes