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dipCNM, mBANT, CNHC - Supporting women to take their life back
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Cardiff CF5 & CF23
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

  • Have you being going at full speed for years?
  • Are you tired no matter how much sleep you’ve had?
  • Does the thought of what you have to do today feel overwhelming?
  • Is your memory and focus failing you?
  • Are you snappy and irritable because you’re so tired?
  • Do you never ask for help because that’s life and things just need to get done?
  • Have the hormonal changes of your 40s caught you unprepared?
  • Are you living with ongoing health problems that affect your quality of life?

It doesn’t have to be this way and with often simple changes you can take back control of your diet and your life. Imagine how it would feel to be energised when you wake and ready for the challenges that come your way, to feel calmer and more focused through the day and to have the reserves to cook and spend time with friends and family after work. And to know that you can eat delicious and nutritious food that fuels your busy life without spending hours in the kitchen.

Even the thought of change can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be hard, you don’t have to deprive yourself and you don’t need to do it on your own – I’m here to support you every step of the way with a programme tailored to your needs.

What I do

Most of my clients are not feeling 100%, but often there isn’t anything specific wrong, so they’ve normalised how they feel and they’ve carried on. The aches and niggles have become part of them and they continue like this for years before something tips them into seeking help. I’m here to support you to get that balance back and to be the version of you that’s a distant memory. The right personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes will have a huge impact on how well and how energised you feel. I’ll take a detailed health and medical history as well as looking at your lifestyle, schedule and commitments. We’ll set your long term goals and break those down into manageable changes, which we can review and build on in order to get you where you want to be.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy recognises each person as an individual and provides personalised plans dependent on your health needs and goals. As a Nutritional Therapist I will support you to make informed decisions and work towards your goals so that you believe, as I do, that health is not just "the absence of disease", it is "a state of complete physical, mental and social well being" that we can all achieve.

About Me

I’m a Nutritional Therapist based in Cardiff with a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and over 12 years of experience in supporting clients to achieve their health goals. I have a particular interest in female health, stress, energy and mental health. I see clients face to face in Canton, Cardiff as well as via video call.?

When not with my 121 clients I work with organisations to support staff mental health, energy levels, focus, resilience and female health, through workshops, tasting tables, drop in clinics and online programmes. I'm also a regular contributor to local news, radio and newspapers.

I'm here to support busy clients on the journey to being the best version of themselves with realistic step by step changes.

My Story

I’ve always been fit and healthy but a few years ago when my daughter was around one and my son had just started school I found myself overstretched. I was running a business and doing freelance work for an old employer as well as spending two days a week with my daughter and doing all the school runs. I’d also picked up most of the shopping, cooking and day to day running of the house because I was at home more.

It felt as if I never stopped and was always doing more than one thing at a time. The mental load was exhausting and I always felt like I was dropping the ball, although which ball really depended on the day. Life is busy so I just got on with it – I didn’t admit that I was struggling and I didn’t ask for help. I was tired, I was irritable and it didn’t matter how much sleep I’d had, I still felt tired.

Finding the headspace to think about things and acknowledge that this wasn’t working took a long time, but it was the first step towards feeling fitter and healthier in my 40s than I ever have. I realised that change starts with being kind to yourself and taking time out, even if the to do list isn’t all ticked off (in reality it never is). I also realised that lasting sustainable change happens slowly, you build on it over time and you form new habits and learn different ways of doing things. I’m not claiming that my work life balance is now perfect – it’s most definitely a work in progress, but I’m aware of what I need to function well on a daily basis, and I know when I need to take a step back.

"My mission now is to support my clients to make this shift with simple dietary changes that improve energy, mood, stress resilience, hormone balance and day to day wellbeing."

Training, qualifications & experience

Qualifications & Regulation

  • BA Hons Psychology from University of Wales Swansea
  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from The College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Member of British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy
  • Registered with The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council


  • 12 years of supporting clients 121 to achieve their health goals
  • Employee wellbeing for a variety of organisations including police forces, Gofal, Orangebox, Balfour Beatty, Amey and Capital Law
  • Online programmes for individuals and organisations

Member organisations

British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)

The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy is the professional body for Nutritional Therapists.

There are different BANT membership classes, including Full Member, Fellow Member and Student Member.

All BANT practitioners must have met the required standards of training, be fully insured and adhere to the BANT Code of Ethics and Practice.

Nutrition topics

Information about health conditions (*)

Nutritional therapy can help enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting nutritional therapy or making any major changes to your diet or lifestyle.

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Additional information

The Nutritional Therapy Programme

I offer a range of programmes from 30 to 90 days and all are personalised to suit your individual needs. We'll establish your goals right at the start as well as talking about your schedule and responsibilities, how much time you have for cooking, what foods you like and dislike and what your biggest barriers and challenges are.?

We’ll agree two or three changes initially and we’ll discuss how these fit in with your life, how you can achieve them and make them your new habits. At our weekly catch up sessions we’ll review how you got on, what worked and what didn’t and from there we’ll tweak and add to your personalised programme.

You’ll get as much support as you need from me at the sessions as well as between sessions via email. I’m always here if you get stuck or need reassurance and am always ready with simple tips and suggestions for how to achieve the next step. Ongoing support and accountability means better long term results for you. This method of working together allows me to support and coach you whilst you make lasting changes for the best success - 50% of change is knowing what to do and the other 50% is having the tools and support to do it.

From a practical point of view before the session I'll ask you to fill in questionnaires that let me know your current symptoms, medications, supplements, lifestyle, food intake and what you would like to achieve. At our initial session I'll clarify the details and form a timeline of your health before working with you to agree the first steps and how they fit into your routine.

All the advice I give is individually tailored, honest and well researched with no quick fix diets, just real food and simple consistent changes that allow you to take back control. I want you to know what to eat, when to eat it and why, without feelings of failure and that it is possible to feel better without it being hard and depriving yourself.

All programmes include recipes and a seven day personalised menu plan.

30 Day Programme - £225

60 Day Programme - £395

90 Day Programme - £570

90 Day Programme with cycle tracking and DUTCH testing - £975

**60 and 90 day programmes are available on a payment plan.

Or book a free 20 minute exploratory call

When I work

Tuesday and Wednesday daytime and evening.

Further information

Female Health

  • Have you been juggling all the balls for years but are about to drop them?
  • Are you the woman who has it all?
  • All the stress?
  • All the responsibility?
  • All the mental load?
  • Have others needs come before your own?
  • Is it time to stop?
  • Is it time to put yourself first? Without feeling bad about it.

I work with women of all ages who’ve been going at full speed for years, who don’t sit down until everything is done, who look after others before they look at their own needs and who are tired. We often carry the load for years until something tips us and we can no longer rise to the challenge. For many women this tipping point is in our 40s when our hormones become erratic and play havoc with our energy, mood, skin and sleep as well as our cycles. For others it comes earlier with problem periods or a specific diagnosis. And for some there may not be a diagnosis but still a feeling of overwhelm or periods that knock us out once a month.

I can support you to take your life back though simple diet and lifestyle change. By taking back control you can feel like yourself again, get your energy back, think more clearly and have a stable mood. The fog can lift and you can feel confident in yourself and in the food choices that you make. When I arrived at my 40s my diet was pretty good and I was fitter than I’d been for years, but still the sudden lack of energy took me by surprise – I felt drained and like I was wading through mud daily. The diet that had been working for me for years wasn’t quite what I needed anymore and changes have had a huge impact. They can for you too.

The Victoria Park Clinic, 593 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1BE

Ashtree Medical Clinic, 3 Ashtree Court, Woodsy Close, Cardiff, CF23 8RW

Type of session

In person