New year health tips

How many of you made decisions to be more health conscious this year?

To perhaps reduce the coffee, or cut the cakes and biscuits in between meals that are oh so tempting!

Perhaps you've decided on a full blown detox.

Have you stuck to your health plans so far?

It's all too easy to get side tracked from our health goals. Stress kicks in and we find ourselves reaching for the very things that will perpetuate the stress cycle and ultimately leave us feeling even worse.

One good tip is to not be so hard on ourselves. Keep trying to make those positive changes. As every little really does help. Often making small changes and sticking to them can be more beneficial than full on changes that are impossible to stick to. As we see improvements in our health we are then inspired to do more.

One thing I like to do is to add a super greens powder to my morning smoothie. I'm using Pro Greens by NutriCology at the moment.

For anyone wanting to add some 'green' power to their new year detox regime. This one is amazing stuff! Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also includes essential fats from flaxseed. Green tea extract. Wheatgrass powder and other green grasses. Fibre, sea vegetables, adaptogenic herbs and milk thistle to support the liver and includes an impressive array of active probiotics.

I've been using it in clinic with clients and on myself for a while now. Just mix one scoop into water or juice or add to a smoothie and take first thing in the morning.

Good luck with your health goals.

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