Office cake culture: Tips for staying healthy at work

Here at Nutritionist Resource HQ, even we’re guilty of the occasional birthday cake, but following your health journey can prove difficult when the office is filled with tasty treats.

Office cake culture - staying healthy at work

It is suggested that office cake culture is ‘fuelling’ obesity and dental problems, and while we all enjoy a slice here and there, the bigger the office, the more birthdays and the more birthdays means more cake. So to help you say no to the cake and daily biscuit round, we share our tips for sticking to your goals and keeping your motivation levels high.

Splash out on storage

When planning meals and snacks for on-the-go, tupperware is everything. Go out and purchase some new tubs – they don’t have to be clear, they can be coloured, patterned, personalised – whatever you want.

There are many different shapes and sizes available, ready to suit all your needs and the bigger the range, the more likely you are going to keep using them.

For snacks like nuts, seeds and fruit, pick yourself up some of the smaller pots. These are small enough to keep in your bag, on your desk or even in your pocket (for snacking emergencies of course).

Following the storage theme, kit yourself out with a good water bottle. Fortunately, water bottles have become quite on-trend, as is drinking plenty of water – hurrah! Our favourite bottles include BKR Holiday 500ml (£25) and if you’re wanting a more flavoured water, Infruition 700ml (£15).

Stock up on snacks

Now you need to fill your shiny new tupperware. We like to keep our supplies well-stocked so we aren’t shocked when we run out and resort to the office kitchen for a snack. Nuts, fruit and vegetable crudites are perfect for snacking on throughout the day – so choose your favourite and get chopping! You can pair your carrots and cucumber with houmous or tahini, nibble on nuts and seeds or munch on sliced apple and cinnamon.

Nuts and dried goods can be expensive, so we suggest buying in bulk on Amazon, or heading to health shops like Holland and Barrett and rummaging through the sales. You can often find some good bargains towards the end of the month!

During the work day, we often find we want something to eat even if we’re not hungry. Our way to tackle this is to leave our snacks tucked away in our bag or drawer, only to reach for them when we really are hungry. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

Start early

How many times have you put off the gym after work due to tiredness? If you’re anything like us, going to the gym after a busy day at work is often the last thing you want to do. Try changing up your routine and going to the gym before work. It is suggested that going to the gym in the morning keeps motivation levels high and any unnecessary snacking at bay.

It is thought that those who go to the gym in the morning will continue to eat well and feel energised throughout the day, whereas those of us working out in the evening are more likely to snack on less healthy foods and use the gym later as an excuse – if we go at all!

Shout about your goals

Finally, staying healthy at work is a lot easier if you are being held accountable for your goals. Keeping quiet will often lead to colleagues offering treats and tempting you, whether you want to eat it or not. Tell everyone in the office and ask for their support. If you explain what you are trying to do and ask them not to offer you the foods, you’re less likely to become tempted. In fact, why not offer your snacks to others, there might be a few of you on the same journey where you can support each other.



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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.

Written by Ellen Lees

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