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Read how Elle turns the classic ‘Afternoon Tea and Cake’ into a healthy treat.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a rice cracker simply doesn’t cut it for me at snack time. Now I know that there are lots of alternatives for a healthy energy boost – fruit, carrot sticks, water – but I have found a real treat to have without the added guilt. You might think that cake is off limits, but I am going to refer you back to my culinary bible, The Hairy Dieters and turn your attention to their Skinny Blueberry and Lemon Cupcakes. Yes, you read that correctly; SKINNY. CAKE.

photo-10The recipe is really simple and I only had to buy a few of the ingredients as most of them are cupboard essentials for anyone who enjoys baking cakes. I used a silicon muffin tray and silicon cupcake cases as I personally find these easier to work with. Once you’ve measured everything out it’s very simple to put together as there are only four steps to the whole process. The only thing I would say is that when you are mixing everything in, it does look like the batter has split but don’t worry about this. Once removed from the oven, I was pretty impressed with how they looked and it took all of my strength not to sneak one straight away!

After impatiently waiting for them to cool, I drizzled the icing over the top, made myself a well deserved hot mug of tea and relaxed whilst eating a delicious, light, flavoursome cake for only 167 calories! My in-laws came round later in the day and they also thought my little cupcakes were very tasty. So there you have it. Now you really can have your cake and eat it too!

Stay tuned for more of my recipe efforts soon!

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Written by Elle

Written by Elle

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