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Struggling to lose weight? Three tests to ask your nutritional therapist about.

Food intolerance testing

Food intolerances are extremely common and the symptoms they can produce are varied. If you have a food intolerance you are probably also struggling to lose those extra pounds. Food intolerances can develop when gut function is compromised. The gut lining can be damaged through the use of alcohol, contraceptive pills, steroids, ibuprofen, prolonged stress amongst other things.

Once damaged the gateway to the blood stream is open to protein molecules from regular foods. Proteins from regular foods can pass through the lining of a damaged gut and cause our immune systems to react to them. This reaction causes inflammation in our bodies. Ongoing inflammation can cause a whole host of symptoms in our bodies, one symptom is the inability to lose weight.

Thyroid screen

There are a number of thyroid screens available from private laboratories. Most are more sensitive or more in-depth than those performed by your GP. What we are looking for here are sub-clinical thyroid issues - not severe enough for your GP to be concerned but your metabolism is not as effective as it should be. Over time this leads to increased weight gain or an inability to shift the pounds despite healthy eating and exercise. If you have symptoms that suggest low thyroid function, such as low body temperature, constipation, poor concentration, etc., then a registered nutritional therapist will be able to arrange for a private lab test.

Adrenal Stress Test

If your weight gain is focused mainly around your middle section it is possible that your body is holding on to extra weight due to high cortisol levels. Cortisol is released by the body in times of stress to counteract the effects of adrenalin. Constant cortisol exposure causes the body to store fat. If your body is reacting to everyday stimuli as if it’s being chased by a lion then it will store the food that you eat just in case it needs a ready-supply of energy sometime soon. If you are living in the fast lane, are going through a period of stress or have a long-term illness then this could be a reason for not managing to lose weight.

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