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About me

Julia Spurr P.D.N.N / MFNTP / GRCCT Reg No: 642909 / Professionally Insured

Advanced Practitioner of Natural Nutrition - integrating Kinesiology techniques within my service.

“As a Natural Nutritionist, I am passionate about the foods we prepare and consume each day and the incredible impact they have on our immediate and long-term health, as well as our families.  My aim is to provide practical and achievable strategies to help people achieve their goals, to live a much healthier lifestyle”

Natural nutrition is a holistic approach to healing, treating the whole person and not merely the symptoms.  It not only focuses on diet, fluid, oils and appropriate use of supplementary nutrients, but also looks to introduce Naturopathic Techniques. These techniques assist the body to create balance and movement within all levels of the individual thus taking the strain from the crucial systems and allowing the individual to return to optimum health.

Natural nutrition provides the guidance, tools, knowledge and inspiration to support rather than suppress the bodies own healing methods, allowing the individual to regain their natural energy, health, vitality and mental clarity. It looks to keep the body’s energy levels flowing, and encourage a healthy attitude towards life allowing us to work towards achieving our goals and living life to the full.

Whether you have a specific health problem or simply want to lead a better lifestyle, I believe that I can help through developing a better eating programme with you, working with you to change your habits and advising on better lifestyle choices.

The art of Natural Nutrition along with Naturopathic Techniques is to keep the speed of elimination at an even rate throughout all of the systems, from the cell to outside of the body.

Systematic Kinesiology - Treats the whole person not merely the symptoms using postural and energetic balance.

Systematic Kinesiology is a holistic therapy using the body’s bio-feedback mechanism through muscle testing to gain information about the client.  Sometimes the life we lead overloads the body creating blockages in certain pathways. Kinesiology can find out where the blockages are and assist in rebalancing and sending more energy by the way of nutrients/oxygen to the crucial systems of the body or determine what is needed to strengthen a particular area.

The use of bach flower remedies, nutrition, lymphatic massage, emotional stress release techniques, acupressure or meridian energy balancing may be used.

Suggestions and advice may include nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes and more.

Training, qualifications & experience

Julia’s passion for nutrition started whilst living in Australia. In 2002, she studied at The Nature Care College, Sydney gaining a Distinction in Nutrition. Upon returning to the UK, she developed her understanding and interests much further and in 2009 received a Diploma in Natural Nutrition, followed by an Advanced Diploma in 2010 from the College of Natural Nutrition, London.

Julia has since established herself as an independent Nutritional Consultant in the Kent area. Working with all age groups, she advises and guides on all aspects of natural nutrition, well being and lifestyle changes. The advice given can be backed up by vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as by introducing naturopathic techniques.  Kinesiology can also be integrated into the session where appropriate.

Julia’s aim is to provide practical and achievable strategies to help people achieve their goals, to live a much healthier lifestyle and to enjoy life to the full. Consultations are always kept private and confidential. Contact details: mobile 07900 477060

Nutrition topics

Information about health conditions (*)

Nutritional therapy can help enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting nutritional therapy or making any major changes to your diet or lifestyle.


Additional information

Individual Assessment

Initial Nutritional Consultation:
1 hour 30 minutes - £75

During the first consultation, a full case history is taken of any current/previous conditions or illnesses and how they were treated.  Questions will be asked about your diet, lifestyle, family history and any medication or supplements you’re currently taking. This would then be followed by an interpretation of how you have reached your present level of health, along with recommendations of what to do next. A personalised documented programme will then be emailed to you, and can be followed up at the next consultation.

Subsequent Nutritional Consultations:
60 minutes - £55
30 minutes - £40

The next few sessions will look to fully develop a personalised programme involving diet, fluids, oils, supplementation and supportive naturopathic techniques where necessary.  These follow up sessions are extremely beneficial as they give you the tools and encouragement to make the vital changes needed.

Kinesiology techniques can be integrated into a consultation.

Nutritional Consultation for Children:
Initial Consultation: 60 minutes - £50
Subsequent Consultations: 30 minutes - £35

Nutrition is the key to growth and development prenatally as well as after birth continuing on through all the different stages of life.

Proper nutrition in childhood can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to your children's overall well being and help them to grow up to their full potential and lead healthy lives.

Children need a great deal of nourishing foods to provide them with all of the important nutrients for growth and development.  Creating healthy eating patterns begins with encouraging the consumption of good-quality, wholesome foods.

Also Included: Personalised realistic programme to fit into lifestyle & budget, informative fact-sheets, recipes, shopping list, menu plans, health tips, cooking tips, what’s in season when and more...

Kinesiology Consultations:
60 minutes - £50

When I work

Monday to Friday 9.30-2.30pm Weekend and Evening Appointments

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Weekend and Evening appointments

Tonbridge, Kent, TN11

Type of session

In person