What may be hindering your weight loss this January?

In January we all set off with the greatest intentions, whether that is dry January, joining a new gym or dietary changes. Gyms see a peak in new members and are generally busier as everybody embarks on the ‘new year, new you’ challenge!
I personally have an influx of new clients at the end of January when people decide they want to get some help so that they can achieve their goals. This is a great time to see a registered Nutritional Therapist.
Below are some of my key tips that you can implement now to help you on your journey.


Key tips to help on your weight-loss journey


This is key and I often see people eating very late in the evening or late-night snacking which is detrimental to weight-loss. A recent small-scale study showed that morning loading (ML) of food intake over evening loading (EL) had a positive effect on hunger hormones, thus leading to behavioural changes that benefitted weight-loss.

Increase your fibre

Replace processed foods and sugar with high-fibre to both help balance your blood sugar levels and also reduce inflammation. I measure visceral fat in my clinic as it’s an important marker to reduce. This internal fat has been shown to give off inflammatory markers (cytokines) and can contribute to metabolic syndrome, including obesity. 


This is essential for the body to recover if you have been hitting the gym hard but also for reducing cortisol levels that help prevent weight gain. It is also the most essential thing for a healthy immune system. 

Drop the diet drinks and opt for water

This has been shown to be hugely beneficial for both weight-loss but also insulin resistance in overweight women. Interestingly studies that have looked at sugar consumption after diet drinks, have shown those who opted for the diet drinks had “altered psychological processes in ways that - over time - may increase calorie intake.”


“Sitting is the new smoking” and the sedentary lifestyle trend with office jobs and even more so now so many of us work from home more, losing the steps and movement of the commute. Exercise is important but also daily movement. If you are working from home, try and get out for a post-lunch walk as this is great for reducing insulin response from the meal.

Working with an expert

If you are struggling to find balance in any of these areas or think you have other factors that are preventing weight loss such as an imbalance in your endocrine system (thyroid, hormone, peri-menopause) then do get in touch and I can assist you with a tailored programme.
I will leave you with some testimonials from previous clients as it isn’t just seeing the scales go down:

  • Just to say your plan has been amazing.
    I cried last Wednesday on the train as I felt like myself again! As well as feeling like a huge weight has lifted, I feel peaceful and calm, like I have lost about 6 stone and my energy is beginning to return. It’s been a radical change so I have been trying to take it easy and be kind to myself and rest lots.
  • I have been working with Rebecca for four months after nearly two years of feeling peri-menopausal, with mood swings, very low in energy, dry skin, hair and nails, ever-increasing weight gain and just not myself. During these last four months with gentle coaching to change my eating habits and tailored supplements to support my body I have been amazed at the improvement in my overall health, energy levels and sense of well-being, not least being back at 'wedding weight' which I haven't been for fifteen years! I would recommend Rebecca unreservedly.
  • I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help over the last 3 months. For the last 12-15 years I have struggled, despite my active life, and many diets, to shift and keep off the weight. Having lost just under 10kg in 3 months has been fantastic but more importantly, I feel as though the program has “educated” me and changed my habits to at least give me the knowledge and motivation to sustain what has been achieved. Thanks again. 

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Written by Rebecca Pilkington
London W1K & SW19

Rebecca Pilkington is a qualified nutritional therapist with a firm belief in functional medicine and that all the systems of the body are interlinked. A weight loss expert and metabolic balance coach, she has helped many clients and mums achieve their target weight, in some cases this was slimmer than pre baby.

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