Learn why you can't lose weight, despite fasting, Zoe or keto

Not losing weight from your fasting, keto or Zoe (but feel like everyone else is?)? Learn how a common, but vastly under-diagnosed problem in your metabolism may be blocking your fat-burning and driving up cravings and over-eating so that no matter how hard you try - you just can’t stay on track with your diet.


Many of the women seeking our help with their weight-loss complain that they do all the right things; they eat very little, they intermittently fast, they avoid sugar (mostly), and have tried Zoe. But their weight is still not where they want to be, and they feel bloated, puffy and frankly, panicked!

If this is you, read on to learn what’s going on, why you need a new approach, and sort out this mess from the inside out. It’s time to resolve underlying imbalances blocking you from losing the weight you clearly deserve to lose.

Unlock your weight-loss capacity - your metabolic spectrum score

You cannot lose weight if your metabolic spectrum ‘score’ is high. Or at least not without using, as we call it, the ‘self-discipline method’ (simply restricting). If your metabolic rate is working against you, you’ll be trying to lose weight forever, but only be at your ideal weight very momentarily. You’ll be fighting your way through endless food cravings, which you either give into or feel deprived and sad, losing out on. You’ll be almost addicted to ‘pleasure foods’ such as bread, sugar, pasta, biscuits or takeaways.

So what do You need to do to lose weight?

It’s all about your metabolism. Cutting out all fats or all carbohydrates for a few months may temporarily aid weight-loss, but unfortunately, it can have ‘side effects’ that cause you to put on weight post-diet. This is because very low-fat diets or severely restricted carbohydrate diets can disrupt your metabolism if not done right when your diet is finished.

And, whilst on the subject, just by concept: if you’re only planning on being on a diet only for a couple of months, perhaps because it’s hard and restrictive, you might see how the results won't last long. Unless of course, you find a way to remove the allure of your crave foods, by changing how your brain and taste buds perceive them.

Correct underlying imbalances

By correcting underlying imbalances in some very important body systems, such as the metabolic system, sex hormone balance and cortisol (stress), we can dial down your over-eating, cravings, and appetite and actually help you forget about food. We assure you that it’s possible even if it seems it is not, and this is what our method focuses on.

Do you feel stuck with not losing weight and with no way out? It’s time to end dieting! This is why we think dieting is a waste of time, despite being Nutritionists, dishing out diet advice all day long.

Here are our reasons why:

  1. Because we understand the science of weight-loss, and the impact of very severe restrictions on your metabolism. In fact, that first-ever diet you went on probably programmed your metabolism incorrectly for the future. Starvation can do funny things to your body's desire to hold onto energy.
  2. Some diets are so depriving that it actually reinforces how the brain feels about food, creating an even stronger emotional relationship with your favourite foods, such as with some diet clubs that promote calories as being equal (e.g, a low fat, but highly sugary yoghurt, instead of promoting low-sugar foods). Most of our clients, already suffer from emotional eating, and do not need this enhanced any further. 

So what needs to be done?

Because weight-loss is both a mind and body problem, in our method, we address both at the same time. In our programmes, we:

  • Re-program your metabolism.
  • Balance your hormones.
  • Uncover what your brain is telling you about food rewards, and finding other outlets for the comforts they give you.
  • You eat a diet that has been lab-tested to be right for you.
  • We identify what personality traits or thoughts you have that trips you up (e.g. poor inhibition, confidence, limiting beliefs and much more). We help you work through them, using behaviour change techniques.
  • Make weight-loss bespoke to you. Without identifying what the problem and blockages are, you absolutely can't lose weight.

Dieting versus a truly incorporated new habit

Behaviour change takes 66 days or so one study found. We also know from our many decades of working with clients and Doctors in private clinics, that very few people can change several habits successfully, at the same time. 

This is why we have created a new weight-loss format, which allows you to only move on to the next learning experience once the previous one has been cemented into your life, so it becomes automatic, and requires no thought, no preparation and no stress. You’ll simply learn it, it becomes your new life, and then you move on to the next action. 

We don’t just give you a set of instructions and send you on your way. We make it work for your life.  Our dedicated three-month support to help you reach your goals, no matter what barriers and problems come up, no matter what temptations get in the way.

Don’t have regrets

We have older clients who have great regrets about years wasted not liking their appearance, hiding away. We want all women to cherish their bodies now and always. You deserve to feel good, to look what will make you comfortable in your own skin. 

Have you been wondering why you're not losing weight, and you feel like something must be wrong? You're doing what you used to do to lose weight, but it's not having any effect any more, and you feel panicked for the summer? You want to take a science approach to weight-loss, but don't know who to follow and who's right, or how to put it all together? Get in touch and we'll help by giving you free pointers.

If you're curious to learn what your personal weight-loss blockages might be, just head to our website to fill in your two-minute free weight assessment questionnaire. To book your free weight-loss assessment call, head to our profile.

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Written by Linda Albinsson, Advanced Gut Health Nutrition Clinic
London W1H & NW6

Linda Albinsson is a highly experienced and qualified nutritionist specialising in areas of the microbiome, gut health, inflammatory conditions (skin, cardiovascular, pain and joint) and others

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