Focus on this one thing for effective weight loss

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is by balancing your blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels constantly climb and fall due to a diet high in carbohydrate and sugars, over time this can alter your hormonal profile and you can become 'insulin resistant'. Insulin is released mainly in response to glucose once it is absorbed from your food. If you have a diet high in carbohydrate and sugars you can effectively flood your cells with insulin and eventually they become less sensitive to this important hormone, resulting in your body producing even more insulin. This up regulating cycle can eventually lead to diabetes. Do you recognise these symptoms:

  • Need to eat very regularly.
  • Irritable without food.
  • Hungry very quickly even after a healthy meal.
  • Low energy.
  • Mood swings.
  • Hormonal issues (PMS).
  • Central weight gain.
  • Years of failed dieting.

Many people embark on a diet by reducing calories/food intake but when your blood sugars are not well balanced it's very difficult to ignore the very powerful cravings that result from blood sugar lows. These diets are doomed to fail and research fully supports the notion that diets do not work. The easy way to lose weight is initially to swap your snacks and meals for healthy alternatives, once your blood sugars are balanced it is easy to remove the snacks totally as you no longer feel hungry. Trying to remove the snacks and reduce calorie intake before balancing your blood sugars is too difficult for most people. Balance your blood sugars and the rest is so much easier.

It's important to note that regaining sensitivity to insulin can take around three months, once you have restored this balance weight loss will be a side effect, as well as lots of other amazing health gains as balancing blood sugars is a cornerstone of good health. 

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