5 reasons low GL way of eating works for weight-loss

I wanted to share why I think the low GL way of eating can be so good for those who want to shed excess pounds. 

GL stands for glycaemic load and is a measure of how a food will affect your blood glucose levels. Foods with high GL scores will have a greater impact on your blood sugar than foods with a low GL score; this is important because when our blood sugar levels are unstable from eating too many high GL foods, going up and down like a roller coaster, we are more prone to fat gain, our moods are affected, our energy levels tend to be low and long term, there can be other more serious health implications.

When we have too much glucose in our blood, insulin is released from the pancreas to do its job of removing the excess glucose. Some will be used for energy and for brain function, but any excess will be taken to the liver for processing, and turned into fat and stored. This type of fat will usually be stored around our middles, (and bums and thighs in women).

Keeping your blood sugar balanced throughout the day is the key to the low GL way of eating and to sustainable weight-loss and maintenance.

Here are five reasons why I believe the Low GL of eating works so well for weight-loss:

1) It’s easy to follow and sustainable long term.

Once you understand the principles of the low GL way of eating, it’s something that you can apply to your eating for life. Because it’s not a diet, and it isn’t a set plan, the principles can be applied to any situation, whether eating at home, out in a restaurant or on the go. You just need to understand the concept of the glycaemic load of foods, alongside the principles of a balanced diet, and healthy eating becomes so much easier and manageable.

2) It is safe to follow.

Most other ‘diets’ are in some way restrictive, and this can have a negative impact on your health. High protein and no carbohydrates, low fat, low calories… these are all restrictive ways of eating. The low GL way of eating doesn’t restrict food groups or specific foods; it just teaches you what foods actually do to your body so that you can make the right choices based on knowledge of how your body works. The only side effect of low GL eating is improved health!

3) It’s delicious, enjoyable and healthy.

Eating the low GL way encourages you to be more creative in the kitchen, and to try a wider variety of foods that you might not have tried before. There are lots of lower GL carbohydrates with great health benefits that many people don’t have in their diet – when they discover the low GL way of eating, it opens them up to new foods, which means a wider variety of nutrients – meaning new delicious tastes and improved health!

4) You don't feel hungry.

Most people associate weight-loss with feelings of hunger and deprivation. Not so with low GL… when you balance your blood sugar you will find that hunger tends to disappear. In fact, most comment that they can’t believe how much they get to eat. And with three meals and two snacks encouraged, it is rare to feel hungry. If you do feel hungry with low GL eating, it’s usually that you are not eating enough!

5) You feel great when following it!

Because the low GL way of eating works with your body, the health benefits are impressive. People are always amazed at how much better they feel when they start to eat this way, with increased energy and vitality, improved sleep, better skin, hair and nails, and often improved digestion too.

When you feel better, you are more likely to have a more positive outlook on life, do more, and exercise more… the improvements aren’t ever just about weight-loss. I use blood sugar balanced eating with all of my clients, whether they are looking to lose weight or not, because it is a great way to eat for our bodies!

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