What motivates you?

While we all want to be healthy, happy and thriving, it’s not always easy. There are days when we are motivated and full of ready-to-workout energy and others, when all we want to do is order a takeaway, lounge in our oversized jumper and binge-watch a TV series.

What motivates you

Remember that the little things that make you happy shouldn’t be ignored, nor should you deprive yourself of what you want to do – though we know that gorging on pizza is best done in moderation.

For many of us, eating a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle is exactly that, a lifestyle, but even the professionals have days where their mind really lacks drive.

If you’re having one of those days, where your heart is saying yes, but your mind is saying no, consider what motivates you. To help, the team at Nutritionist Resource share what motivates them to live a healthy lifestyle.

So team, what motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle?

“I have a Withings Smart scale and try to weigh myself a couple of times a week at regular intervals. If I have been a pig at the weekend and eaten too much, then seeing the damage on the scales motivates me to eat less/be healthier in the middle of the week!

I really struggle to motivate myself to go to the gym, so tend to do some press-ups in the morning and occasional swimming/cycling. I do nowhere near as much exercise as I should though!” – Paul.

“I stay motivated to eat healthily and exercise regularly because I lost about 3 stone a few years ago – looking at those old photos are enough to make me want to stay this way and push myself even further too! By being ‘good’ during the week, I let myself have a bit of freedom at the weekends – I’ll have pizza and chocolate if I want it, because life is about balance in my books!” – Becky.

“I do struggle with motivation when it comes to going to the gym and eating healthy foods. I have found that a future event to set goals around, such as my wedding or a holiday motivates me the most. If there are no future events, I’m more easily swayed to eat naughty things. Though eventually, I’ll find motivation as I don’t like feeling sluggish or bloated!” – Kim.

“I love to run. Keeping a healthy and balanced diet helps me to improve my performance and keep my energy levels high. I now run long distances on a Saturday morning to help remove the temptation of overeating and drinking on a Friday evening.” – Matt.

“Seeing progress motivates me. So if I manage a few days of healthy eating and feel a little slimmer, or I go to the gym and feel fitter, it motivates me to live a little healthier!” – Jen.

“When I prepare my lunches for work the night before, I find I have a much healthier lunch. If I leave it last minute, chances are I will end up not taking anything and buying something which isn’t particularly good for you. Not only does it save me eating something unhealthy and saves me time in the morning, it also saves me money!” – Sian.

“Most of my motivation to eat healthy comes from actually going to the gym. For me, when I am at the gym it makes me more inspired to eat well and I certainly notice that by eating the right foods, I have more energy! Also, sitting down with my healthy eating cookbooks spur me on to get organised and plan my meals – team this with an online food shop and it makes the perfect combination for a winning healthy week!” – Claire.

What motivates you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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