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About me

I am a veteran of the fitness industry with 20 years experience in Personal Training, Exercise Programming, Nutrition and Weight Management and GP Referral. I have worked with a variety of people including those with disabilities.

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a complementary therapy, meaning it can work alongside orthodox medicine. It is a way of using food and supplements to encourage the body’s natural healing. Nutritional therapy can help improve well-being and provide help to a wide range of individuals, benefits may be found a wide range of conditions.

How can I help you?

Using a non-judgemental approach and collaborating with you to making gradual dietary and lifestyle changes in order to achieve health improvements and/or sustainable weight loss.

We will go through a detailed history covering all aspects of your health and lifestyle.
A nutritional analysis to help detect any dietary imbalances and deficiencies, toxic overload or general nutritional problems.
We then work together on an action plan to help correct any dietary factors that may be contributing to the issues that you are wanting to resolve.

Genetically Matched Nutrition

Part of looking and feeling good is having lower levels of body fat. And if we listened to online gurus, we might be mistaken for thinking that this is very hard. Should we consume wholegrain carbohydrates, or none at all? Should we consume saturated fats to build muscle and lose fat? Most people fall into very firm camps, which recently is that carbohydrates are “bad” and saturated fats are “good”.
Then we get onto diets. Open up Google and look for the best diet to suit your goals, and you are bombarded with different options. Should we follow the Paleo lifestyle and eat exactly like our ancestors did (despite the fact that none of the foods we eat today resemble foods they ate)? Or we could drink our morning coffee with half a stick of butter. What about intermittent fasting? All these diets have their proponents, all of whom are certain that their diet is the best and the most effective.
All of this leads to confusion. If you’re already on some form of diet, how do you know which diet is best for you? Should you stick to the one you’re on now, or change to the latest one? We all know that motivation to stick to a diet is tough. We want early success, and if we don’t get it, we want to change to a diet that will bring success. When you consider that one of the keys to a successful diet is consistency, you can see how this might cause problems. Most diets are also a one-size-fits-all approach, applying the same principles to everyone. But intuitively we know that people aren’t the same. We all know someone that can stuff their face with carbohydrates and not gain weight. We also know people who only have to look at a sweet potato to gain weight. How can the same approach work for everyone? We need a better way…
We think we’ve found it. Instead of applying broad dietary principles to everyone, we will use your genes to match you to a diet that suits your genetic makeup. We will look at how well you tolerate both fats and carbohydrates, on a genetic level, to place you on a diet matched to you
Not only can eating for you genetic make up help you achieve your goals, but can also improve your health.
It has been shown that those who follow a genetically matched training and nutrition program not only improve their results 3-fold but also maintain those results.

Training, qualifications & experience

DNAFit Certified Trainer

Diploma Nutritional Therapy
Exercise On Referral
Exercise Nutrition
Weight Management
Exercise Programming for People with Disabilities
Certificate in Exercise & Health Studies (Advanced Personal Trainer)
Fitness Instructor


I am a veteran of the fitness industry with over 20 years experience in Personal Training, Exercise Programming, Nutrition & Weight Management and GP Referral. I have worked with a variety of people including those with disabilities and medical conditions.

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Areas of nutrition I deal with

        * If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.



        Initial Weight Management Consultation              - £60

        Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation                - £120

        Single follow-up consultation (Approx 60 minutes) - £40

        Consultation x Follow up Consultation                  - £120

        DNAFit Test for Genetically match Nutrition          - £250

        Further information


        I started training at Aspire National Training Centre with Rob in January 2006 after suffering 2 strokes one in 1992 and the other in 1997. I had put on five stone and needed to lose weight. One of the first things Rob did was to focus on my dietary habits by motivating me and encouraging me to eat frequently throughout the day and increasing my calorie and nutrient intake. Rob trained me using brief 30 minute workouts focusing on resistance training to increase my lean muscle along with a moderate amount of interval based aerobic training.

        Over a period of 4-5 months I last 4 ½ stone of body fat and increased my strength and mobility considerably. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who wishes to lose weight and improve their health.

        Date of Posting: 20 January 2014
        Posted By: Lynette Tilley
        Mill Hill, North West London

        Often when trying to lose weight we resort to very limiting diets and overly intense exercise. Personally I have never found these methods to be sustainable. Rob showed me that it is not how much exercise you do that matters, and instead stressed the importance of correct form and taking training breaks to allow your body to recover. With our exercise programme, Robknew exactly how to encourage me and push me. The programme was devised to allow me to progress to more and more developed exercises and and I am amazed now at what I can lift, push or press! Rob also taught me more about nutrition than I learnt in 6yrs of medical school. He had me keep a diet diary and carefully tailored my diet making it healthier but not in the least bit restrictive. Overall, training with Rob has changed my whole way of life and my thinking on fitness.

        Dr Thorrmela Vijay
        Sutton, Surrey

        Sutton, SM1 2GD

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        Online nutrition support: Yes
        Telephone nutrition support: Yes
        Face to face nutrition: Yes
        Home visits: No

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        Monday - Friday 6.30am till 10.00pm Saturday - Sunday 9.00am till 8pm