Why diets are not the answer to sustainable weight loss

There are so many 'diets' these days and so many 'diet' clubs. The trend changes all of the time as to what is most popular and the diet with all the answers.

From Weight Watchers to The South Beach diet, but do they really work? If they do, why are there so many and why is the level of obesity still on the rise? Are these diets actually good for our health?

My view is that these 'diets' are not sustainable, nor are they good for our health. They may help people to lose a little weight initially but it is very difficult to stay on the plan for life and as soon as people revert back to old habits, the weight creeps back on. 

My other big concern with fad diets is that many of them focus on low fat and diet foods. This is concerning for a number of reasons:

  • Fat is essential for our health and well being, but we need to be eating the right kinds of fats or essential fatty acids.  Cutting out all fats will play havoc with our hormones and our neurological health.  A lack of essential fatty acids can also exacerbate inflammation within the body and lead to a number of inflammatory health issues.
  • Diet foods are a big concern because the fat and sugar content tends to be replaced with additives and artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which is a neurotoxin and there is numerous research to suggest that this can have a significantly detrimental impact on our neurological health.

So, what's the alternative to following one of these 'diets' should you wish to lose weight and keep your weight in check?

A healthy, balanced approach to nutrition and exercise that is sustainable for life and still enjoyable.  After all, we don't want to go through life feeling deprived and we also want to ensure we are taking in all of the necessary nutrients to achieve and maintain optimal health.

My approach is to educate clients re how to achieve this. What to eat and when, how to control cravings, how to make healthy food enjoyable, fitting exercise into their daily and weekly routines and practicing good habits in terms of making time for meals to rest and digest properly.

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