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The Fit Plan Diet – The healthy approach to dieting!

This diet is based on foods the body requires, and this article hopes to offer some explanation about why the body needs those foods. The plan offers 10 choices per meal time and there are many variations of these meals, hence there will be something that everyone should be able to enjoy whatever type of diet they follow (i.e vegetarian).

The diet is set up to incorporate 1500 daily calories for women and 2000 maximum for men – thus allowing weight loss to occur, which will be further impacted by an exercise plan.  All meals have a maximum calorie menu allowance of 400, hence achieving 1200 maximum per day (for 3 meals). 

In addition there is a healthy snack, dessert and drink allowance (i.e. fruit juice or milk for tea/coffee) of 300-700 calories per day. 

Our bodies generate more acidity/toxicity via various avenues such as: medication, food choices – such as non-organic/processed/packaged food, lack of pure drinking water, negative emotions etc. The idea behind this diet is to help you lose weight but also to help to cleanse your body!

Where possible the plan recommends that you eat organic foods and cut out dairy and wheat (due to their high acidity and toxicity to the body), even though dairy/wheat are included in the recipes.  There are however many lovely alternatives to wheat and dairy that you can try.

In today’s world there is also sometimes a need for supplementation due to changes in food production, fertilisation, key minerals being farmed out of the soil and often we are deficient in certain minerals and vitamins. 

If you are interested in following this diet plan or want to discover whether you could benefit from supplements you should visit a nutritionist. They will be able to consider your requirements, and will also be able to discuss certain supplements that may suit you to help make the perfect plan for you.

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