Eating well for menopause - series of online short courses

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This is a series of eight online short courses on eating well for menopause:

  1. hot flushes and phytoestrogens
  2. weight and shape
  3. heart health
  4. bone health
  5. mood and mental health
  6. sleeping well
  7. hydration and bladder health
  8. beauty and myths

You can choose whichever course you like, or do all eight!

Each short course provides information and a variety of resources you can work through in your own time e.g. videos, downloads, recipes and useful links, to ensure you have the tools you need to thrive during menopause.

The introductory course is free to access. The other eight courses are £15 each.

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Hosted by Dr Laura Wyness

Dr Laura Wyness has been supporting women with dietary advice for several years. She is Head of Nutrition at Zoë Rose Fitness, the Edinburgh–based health and well-being coaching company that specialises in helping women achieve their fitness and health goals. She also provides workplace wellness talks on nutrition and menopause.

Hosted by Dr Laura Wyness