Summer's lunchbox

Written by Ellen Lees
Ellen Lees
Nutritionist Resource Content Team

As part of our Loveable Lunchboxes campaign, we explore Summer's lunchbox and ask nutritional therapist Laura Southern to share expert insights.

What's in Summer's lunchbox?

Summer is 20 months old and loves spending time with her mum and big sister Jessica. In Summer's lunchbox is a Warburton's thin with ham, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries, a Petit Filous yoghurt and a small box of raisins. With this, she will drink plenty of water.

What does the expert say?

Nutritional therapist Laura Southern explains how positive it is that there's so much fruit and veg included, "It is clear that mum has thought carefully about this lunch - there's loads of fresh veg and fruit which is fantastic!"

When it comes to areas of improvement, Laura notes the sugar content, "Despite mum's best intentions, this is actually a lunch box which is too high in sugar."

What swaps could be made?

Looking at what changes could be made, Laura suggests the following:

  • Warburton's Thins have 1/3 tsp added sugar, instead choose wholemeal pitta bread.
  • Raisins can be hard on children's teeth. Try plain popcorn dusted with cinnamon - it's filling and tasty!
  • Use good quality meat and add a handful of dark, leafy greens into the wrap for an extra veggie portion!
  • To reduce added sugar, replace the Petit Filous with humous as this is a great source of vegetable protein and essential fats!



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