Oliver's lunchbox

Written by Ellen Lees
Ellen Lees
Nutritionist Resource Content Team

As part of our Loveable Lunchboxes campaign, we ask nutritional therapist Sandrine Olmi to review Oliver's lunchbox and offer ideas to improve the nutritional quality.

What's in Oliver's lunchbox?

Oliver is six years old and in his lunchbox is a tuna mayonnaise sandwich, half a bag of Skips, a Babybel, a pear, some dried apricots and a portion of grapes. 

What does the expert say?

Nutritional therapist Sandrine rates the lunchbox at a three out of five, "I think this lunchbox is good - though there are some changes that can be made!"

What swaps could be made?

Looking at the contents of Oliver's lunchbox, Sandrine shares the following ideas for swaps that could improve the meal:

  • For added fibre, swap white bread with brown or granary bread.
  • Perhaps replace mayonnaise (which contains salt and sugar) with either avocado and lemon or cucumber or houmous (a great source of protein!).
  • Try to add some salad leaves to the sandwich or cherry tomatoes on the side for an extra portion of vegetables.
  • Keep portions of fruit small (six to eight grapes, two to three apricot pieces) and perhaps swap crisps with popcorn to reduce salt intake.


Further support

Find out more about healthy eating for kids and get nutritious lunchbox ideas for your family. If you feel you could benefit from professional support, you might want to consider speaking to a nutrition professional. They can explore your children's individual dietary needs and help you support their growth and development. 

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