Long Covid: A framework for improving energy and inflammation

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22nd September 2021, 9.45am - 4.30pm
Nutritionists and trainees

‘Long Covid’ is now recognised as a persistent illness 12 weeks post-infection with Covid-19 and, in some cases, post-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. It appears to affect approximately 10% of those with Covid-19 and cases are very likely to rise.

The long Covid clinical picture consists of a chronic fatigue syndrome that causes both physical and mental fatigue together with inflammation, causing flu-like symptoms, muscle pain, malaise, headaches and other symptoms. 

Whilst long Covid is a new clinical picture, relevant evidence and clinical experience to support resolution does exist from work to address other post-viral syndromes.

This course with Dr Sarah Myhill explains the biochemistry and physiology by which the body generates energy in order to understand how to support these mechanisms to reduce fatigue. It then looks at how to identify and address what might be causing inflammation-like symptoms, including persistent infections, the activation of an underlying infection, or immune dysregulation related to allergies or auto-immune conditions. 

The course provides a very practical framework developed by Dr Sarah Myhill from her experiences with hundreds of clients spanning four decades for working through energy delivery and inflammation issues, using the paleo-ketogenic diet as a foundation. You will work through your own chosen case study as the day progresses and leave with a management plan.

The course focuses on developing practitioners as effective ‘enablers’. Clients may well need to make long term changes (which is a particular challenge if fatigued) and, therefore, they need to understand the principles of the approach and how they can help themselves.

The course will give you the rationale and analogies to help explain, motivate and support your clients and it will signpost you to further sources of information that you can tailor to your clients’ needs. 

The course also considers who might be most at risk of long Covid and, therefore, what practitioners can do to support these clients to be able to better manage and resolve acute infections.

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