Esme's lunchbox

Written by Ellen Lees
Ellen Lees
Nutritionist Resource Content Team

For parents and caregivers, ensuring children eat a balanced and nutritious diet is important, but not always easy. Helping remove some confusion and offering insight, our Loveable Lunchbox campaign saw nutrition professionals reviewing a selection of lunchboxes. Here we take a look inside Esme's lunchbox.

What's in Esme's lunchbox?

Esme is four years old and in her lunchbox, there are oat crackers with pate, cucumber sticks, pepper sticks, olives, a Babybel, a small portion of fruity flapjack and chopped strawberries.

What does the expert suggest?

Nutrition therapist, Jo Rowkins takes a look at Esme's lunchbox, "This is a surprisingly good lunchbox!" Jo says.

"It's got lots of fresh ingredients, a protein source, some good fats from the olives and fresh fruit. A great improvement on the typical white bread sandwiches and crisps that many children get."

What swaps could be made?

Giving the lunchbox a four out of five, Jo suggests the following swaps to boost its score.

  • Try to ensure the oat crackers are as pure as they can be without added sugar.
  • Always read the label on the flapjack to ensure it's not high in sugar and unhealthy fats (as many shop-bought ones are), or even better, make up a healthy batch of your own using coconut oil, dried fruits and seeds.
  • Pates can be highly processed or very fresh. Always choose the healthier, fresh versions or, even better, make your own - such as mackerel blended with a little mayonnaise and lemon.

Further support

Learn more about how to help kids eat healthier and find lunchbox ideas that are both delicious and nutritious. In need of more tailored support? Get in touch with a nutritionist today to find out how they could support your family.

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