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When you say protein, a lot of people immediately think of meat and fish, but there are lots of other sources of the nutrient too. This is particularly important for vegetarians but also for increasing the range of foods in our die,t which is very beneficial to our health.

And remember, the more exercise you do, the more protein you need.

Here are some different types of protein:

Eggs - A great, wholesome and ‘fast’ food, they are also a good source of vitamin D and B vitamins. Have them scrambled or poached on toast, whip up a quick omelette for your evening meal or use them to make a quiche.

Quinoa - This is classed as a grain and contains all the essential amino acids that you need. It’s also gluten free. With a texture similar to cous cous, you can add it to soups and salads.

Nuts and seeds - Aim to eat a wide range of different nuts which will help you to have a number of different nutrients in your diet, as well as the protein they provide. Eat them whole as snacks or mix nuts or seeds in with your breakfast cereal. There are lots of nut butters on the market now too, but try to limit nuts to five a day due to their fat content.

Chickpeas and lentils - A great source of protein as they really fill you up and help to sustain your energy for longer. A reduced fat pot of hummus is a useful snack with some celery and carrot sticks. Buy or make soups with lentils such as bacon and lentil soup, or make a curry with lentils/chickpeas and vegetables with some lovely spices like cumin, turmeric and ginger.

Yogurt, cheese and milk - All good sources just be careful to choose the right types. Choose a yogurt that is natural rather than one containing fruit (lots of sugar) or one that says it is reduced fat (also lots of sugar). Reduced fat cheese is a good option and there are plenty of milk alternatives out there if you prefer to not drink cow’s milk. Just make sure that they have had some nutrients added to them like calcium for example.

I hope you find the ideas useful and maybe aim to try something different this week.

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