Perimenopause/menopause weight loss and hormone programme

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Ongoing, 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Open to all

This unique and personalised programme is best suited for those women who want to:

  • quit yo-yo dieting for good so you can make healthy choices in 2022 without feeling deprived and finally lose those stubborn 10-20 pounds you’ve been trying to lose for a while now
  • fit into your favourite jeans or dress without going hungry or dealing with intense cravings and/or emotional eating
  • balance your metabolism to get your consistent energy and that mojo back
  • sort your hormones to help you if you are heading (or already there) into perimenopause or menopause and experiencing:
    • weight gain – especially that tyre around the middle
    • don’t know what to eat exactly for their body (nutrition confusion)
    • not sure about taking HRT or not?
    • hot flushes and night sweats… need to get that bamboo bedding
    • anxiety about even the littlest things… unexplained panic
    • feeling unhappy or depressed and loss of interest in most things… lost the joy of life
    • low confidence – thinking of reducing work hours or even quitting your job
    • brain fog (why is the paint tin in the fridge?… am I losing my marbles?!)
    • skin starts going south and hair is getting thinner
    • sex and libido down the drain – partner is man(on)pause
    • your periods have got more frequent, heavier or irregular (spotting)

By the end of the programme, you will know exactly:

  • when to eat and how much (portion size) to eat for your season of life
  • carbs protein and fats which one to choose to feed your hormones and lose weight
  • what is the right portion sizes for you – we are all different… thankfully
  • snacking – when, what and how much?
  • emotional eating/bad habits/all or nothing mindset – how to deal with it
  • right exercise (movement) for your body
  • intermittent fasting – how this can be used successfully
  • mindful eating – reality not a myth – the easiest and cheapest way to healthy weight
  • digestion – constipation in particular and how to naturally overcome this with ease
  • sleep – hacks and supplements to get you a good night sleep – priceless
  • stress and how it affects our hormones and what can be done about it
  • how hormones (predominantly thyroxin, insulin oestrogen, progesterone and cortisol) are stopping you from losing weight despite doing all the right things
  • how perimenopause and menopause affect our private life (family, sex) as well as professional life (confidence, memory, etc) and what to do about it
  • how to set the goals and get motivated – what you want, what you really really want?
  • why the liver (the main detox organ) needs to be in tip-top condition for easy menopause
  • HRT options (hormones and natural) which one suit you the best
  • food supplement advice – when needed


The results vary from person to person but, typically, clients experience a weight loss between 8-20 pounds, with significant improvement in energy, confidence, better sleep, improved digestion (significant results with constipation in particular) and improved cognitive functions (in the words of one of my clients: ‘ the brain fog has lifted hallelujah’).

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Hosted by Angelika Cutuk-Short

Hey there, I’m Angelika Nutritional therapist, mindset coach and founder of the Mind Over Food Method. I help busy women over 40 to lose weight, feel confident and look good without giving up food they love. My clients learn how to nourish their body and mind, repair their relationship with food lose weight and love the skin they are in.

Hosted by Angelika Cutuk-Short