Jessica's Lunchbox

We take a look inside Jessica's lunchbox.

jessicas lunchbox infographic

What's in Jessica's lunchbox?

Jessica's lunchbox includes a cheddar cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread, one hard-boiled egg, cucumber sticks, tomatoes, strawberries, cashew nuts, a pack of Fruit Bears and water.

What does the expert suggest?

Nutritionist Resource member, Natasha Alonzi, takes a deeper look into Jessica's lunchbox.

"There are some great foods in this lunchbox!

Depending on the eggs, this is a good source of protein and possible omega 3. The fruit and vegetables are good sources of nutrients and great way to keep children hydrated."

What swaps could be made?

  • Add grated carrots for extra veg and colour, spread some flaxseed or olive oil on bread for added essential fatty acid content.
  • Are the fruit bears needed? Perhaps swap for nuts and strawberries to top it up or add houmous to dip cucumber and tomatoes into. Savoury food can be a treat as well!
  • If nuts are allowed, these are a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fats – if not, try a seed mix or an oatcake with tahini.

Jessica's Lunchbox

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