Jessica's lunchbox

Written by Ellen Lees
Ellen Lees
Nutritionist Resource Content Team

What small changes can we make to give our children's lunchboxes a nutritional boost? As part of our Loveable Lunchboxes campaign, we ask nutrition professionals to offer feedback on a selection of lunchboxes. Here, we ask nutritionist Natasha Alonzi to take a look inside Jessica's lunchbox.

What's in Jessica's lunchbox?

Jessica is three years and eight months old. Jessica's lunchbox includes a cheddar cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread, one hard-boiled egg, cucumber sticks, tomatoes, strawberries, cashew nuts, a pack of Fruit Bears and water.

What does the expert say?

Nutritionist Natasha Alonzi takes a closer look at Jessica's lunchbox and gives it a four out of five rating.

"There are some great foods in this lunchbox!" Natasha says, "Depending on the eggs, this is a good source of protein and possible omega 3. The fruit and vegetables are good sources of nutrients and are a great way to keep children hydrated."

What swaps could be made?

Looking at small changes that could improve the lunchbox, Natasha shares the following tips:

  • Add grated carrots for extra veg and colour, spread some flaxseed or olive oil on bread for added essential fatty acid content.
  • Are the fruit bears needed? Perhaps swap for nuts and strawberries to top it up or add houmous to dip cucumber and tomatoes into. Savoury food can be a treat as well!
  • If nuts are allowed, these are a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fats – if not, try a seed mix or an oatcake with tahini.

Further support

Learn more about children's nutrition on our healthy eating for kids page and find lunchbox ideas to get your creative juices flowing. For professional support, consider working with a nutritionist who can support you and your family in a way that suits you and makes you feel your best.

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