Claudia's lunchbox

Written by Ellen Lees
Ellen Lees
Nutritionist Resource Content Team

If you've ever looked at your little one's lunchbox and felt stumped, you're not alone. Coming up with meals our children will enjoy and that are nutritious can be a challenge. In our Loveable Lunchboxes campaign, we asked nutrition professionals to rate lunchboxes and offer their expert advice. Here, nutritionist Maria Mitchell takes a look inside Claudia's lunchbox.

What's in Claudia's lunchbox?

Claudia is four years old and in her lunchbox is a brown roll with Flora and ham, carrot sticks, tomatoes, a pear, a banana and a handful of grapes.

What does the expert suggest?

Nutritionist Maria Mitchell gives this selection a four out of five, "On first glance, this lunchbox provides a good base," Maria explains.

"It has a good range of bite-sized fruit and vegetables which are perfect as small children often prefer foods in smaller portions."

What swaps could be made?

Exploring any changes that could improve the quality of this meal even more, Maria shares the following suggestions:

  • Ham can be quite salty - instead chicken, tuna, cream cheese or nut butters (if permitted) would provide a good protein source.
  • Swap the pear with a boiled egg cut to provide more protein and healthy fats, essential for developing minds. If your child isn't a fan of eggs then a small pot of humous would also offer the additional protein.
  • Three pieces of fruit is quite a lot for a little tummy. Perhaps take out the banana and add a small pot of natural yogurt. This would work well with the grapes and would provide a healthy pudding!

Further support

Get more ideas for nutritious lunchboxes on our lunchbox ideas page, and learn more about healthy eating for kids at our dedicated hub. If you feel you would benefit from professional support, get in touch with a nutrition professional to see how they can help.

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