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Weight Loss & Menopause Specialist

About me

Who I work with
I work with professional women over 40 who want to lose weight and/or manage their age-related symptoms naturally, with bespoke nutrition and lifestyle

  • Boost your Energy: restore and improve your energy levels
  • Drop Unwanted Weight: revamp your body image
  • Manage Age-related Symptoms: age healthfully and gracefully

How I do it
I have developed a step-by-step methodology that is tailored to your goals, needs and preferences: with incremental changes, you will notice quick results that will stay. My approach is multi-factorial, optimising nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management and toxin reduction for better and quicker results.

Why work with me
I create personalised plans that will perfectly fit into your life. No more guessing, or waisting time, energy and efforts. You will get ongoing support and accountability until you reach your goals.

Free Initial Coaching Session (60 minutes)
If you are committed to your goals, book a complimentary session at with a brief outline of what you would like to achieve and your availability. I always respond within 24 hours. This video call is about you and I connecting, getting to know each other, answering any questions you have, making sure you feel comfortable with me and we are the right match. It is absolutely free, with no obligation to continue, and it will be valuable to you in itself.

Thank you for your interest ... I'm thrilled to talk with you soon!

Please note all my sessions are now on Zoom.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition (CNM)
  • AFMCP (Application of Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) graduate
  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Member of BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapists)
  • Registered with CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council)

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Free initial online session

Additional information

My programmes are tailored to provide all the support you need to achieve your health goals, including

  • Dietary and lifestyle plan, updated after each session
  • Functional tests suggestion and interpretation
  • Supplement(s) suggestion
  • Weekly food diary review
  • Health coaching
  • Ongoing support

My fees are bespoke. To make sure I am the best person to help achieve your health goals, I offer a complimentary 60-minute coaching consultation, with no obligation to continue. Then at the end of it, if you would like to go ahead, I will tell you my fees.

When I work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Monday to Friday: 9am-7pm Saturday: 9am-12pm

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I don't want to spend the rest of my life feeling uncomfortable and miserable in my body. It's an investment. Money comes and goes but I have only one body and my health costs way more. CT

It has been much easier than I had imagined.
" I found Severine’s approach to healthier eating really interesting and I have learned a great deal along the way. I think this has been the key to my being able to lose the weight that I’ve struggled to get rid of for over 15 years. Understanding the impact of different foods, vitamins, minerals, alcohol, liquids and toxins on the body have enabled me to make better food choices and be more aware of portion sizes. It has been much easier than I had imagined and it definitely helps if you can do the programme with someone else for support - as a result, my husband benefitted from healthier eating and lost weight too. I still have work to do, but it’s a fantastic start….thank you. T. Graham

I started to focus less on the numbers on my scale but more on my wellbeing.
" When I turned to Severine, I was honestly only looking for some help with my weight. I have some important health issues and I knew nothing could be done for it… at least that is was I thought. During the first session, Severine asked me many questions, related and non-related to my weight and showed me that there was actually a lot of things that could be done to improve my wellbeing. Through her 12-weeks program, I’ve learnt how to get rid of bad habits by implementing good ones that actually suit my way of life, how to improve the quality of my sleep, how to have a nicer and smoother skin, how to feel more powerful, how to regain energy, how to control my cravings… and ended up not only losing weight but improving the daily pain I deal with. During the process I somehow started to focus less on the numbers on my scale but more on my wellbeing. She takes it one step at a time, week after week, gives you new challenges that you define together, and believe me, it feels really good. You’ll see, you’ll be longing for your weekly session with her. You won’t even have to wait for it if you have any difficulty during the week. Severine always answered my texts very quickly, and even when the program was over, she would still regularly check up on me, and answer my questions. If you wonder whether she would be able to help you or not, go for it, contact her, you won’t regret it! Muriel Relevant

Well worth the time, money and effort!!
" I came to Severine after having met with another nutritionist some months prior. I wanted to lose weight and in doing so understand less restrictive ways of eating than my previous nutritionist had recommended. Severine not only helped me with this, she helped me understand what a good plate of food looks like. She taught me to look at weight loss as a by product of good health, get that in order and weight loss will come along. This is such an important approach, as fixating on a number on the scale often is not the right measure of whether a plan is working or not - as Severine has taught me. I observe a mixture of diets during the course of a week, from pescatarian to vegan, Severine was able to work with me over the course of 12 weeks to help me successfully lose a stone in weight even with those boundaries in place. Well worth the time, money and effort!! S.S.

Weight loss after starting a new job
" Severine’s advice changed my life and made me able to cope with a complete change in lifestyle. I had started a new job that meant that I ate every meal either in a hotel or at a restaurant. I had put weight on at a very fast rate and had no energy. I had always been really interested in nutrition and had previously eaten a very healthy diet. I knew the changes I needed to make but my sessions with Severine changed the whole way I viewed food and her program was completely realistic to my new lifestyle. I achieved all my goals, fitting back into my old clothes and having so much more energy to help me through my new busy life. Without Severine’s help I would have had to reconsider an exciting new job, thank you! Olivia Devey as seen on LinkedIn

It was soooo worth it
" I would like to give a big thank you to Severine, I came to her almost 5 months ago and I can honestly say that I'm a different person now. When I met her I was overweight but most importantly I wasn’t feeling good about myself, I wasn’t feeling nearly fit nor healthy enough but with her help I managed to turn things around and changed my habits on a day to day basis. Her approach kept me really motivated, she was there every step of the way, giving advices on food obviously but also on different way of exercising or taking care of my body which I really appreciated. The fact that I had to send her pictures of my food really worked for me, it helped me a lot to keep on track at the beginning, also having a WhatsApp chat make Severine a lot more available and approachable. I never felt silly asking any questions. I must say it seemed quite a big investment at first, but it was soooo worth it, I am so glad I did it! Not only did I loose over 13kg without feeling being on a diet but my whole lifestyle is different … I take much better care of myself and I even actually enjoy doing different type of exercise which I never thought possible! I would highly recommend Severine’s services, I am actually thinking of employing her again but as a present for my dad’s birthday. I had tried so many diets in the past, Dukan, paleo, 5/2, slimfast, weight watchers … You name it. It is the first time I really feel a difference in my attitude, in my habits … I feel zero frustration and I know this new me is going to last. Once again a massive thank you. Charlene B.

Final attempt to lose weight!
" I went to Severine as a final attempt to lose weight. I am a 75-year-old lady who has always enjoyed good health and keeping fit through tennis, going to the gym and generally being active.  Over the last 5-10 years, however, the weight has crept on and no matter how hard I train and diet I just couldn’t get those pounds to shift.   I struggled with “well I’m getting older I should just accept it” to being incredibly unhappy, especially when I had to keep buying the next dress size up.  As a result, I started to reduce my food intake – but I have always eaten ‘clean’ so this didn’t really have any impact and just made me more frustrated.  So Severine was my last hope – I cannot explain how happy I was when the pounds began to shift – this had not happened for over 5 years!! Severine was always there, available on the phone being so incredibly supportive, I was on a personalised regime that Severine held me too and as we had weekly catch ups I was able to share with her my thoughts, successes and any concerns or questions I had. I would absolutely recommend Severine to anyone who is serious about losing weight, I have now lost over a stone but in a healthy, controlled way and I know when I can relax and more importantly what I need to do to get back on track!! Thank you Severine – you have been amazing. Doreen Hobson

Become more food educated
" When I decided to see a nutritionist, my intention was to become more food educated and to tailor that education to my personal nutritional needs. This is why I enlisted the help of Severine. I was clear of my intentions and she was, from day one, absolutely eager to help! She is a great coach! Her daily motivational posts and 24/7 availability made her a confident. I valued this greatly. Much of what I needed from Severine was a way to bring me out of my habitual eating nature. I was not an unhealthy eater. Being a 26 year old who can consider self healthier than most 26 year olds, I tasked her to challenge my eating habits. Boy, did she succeed. Our bi-monthly meet ups, no matter if it were on facetime or our valued face-to-face meetings, were filled with information and advice from someone who has a glass half full perspective. She was also happy for me when I could not be, and this to me was incredibly important. I would recommend Severine’s services to anyone who is planning on loosing weight, getting healthier, challenging habits and even her services as your food 'person'. Severine, I believe was the best choice for me because she tailored my needs into the program. She understands that not every person is the same, with greatness and flaws, which makes us all human. Sabrina Shah Hakim as seen on LinkedIn

Eating habits and self-control
" Weight was not an issue for me but I thought it would become if I didn’t act quickly and Severine has been great! I am very familiar with healthy eating and generally go for the good options. However, I went back to work after maternity leave and found all of a sudden that I had no time to exercise (used to run quite a bit), lack of sleep didn’t help, being just over 40 (metabolism slowing) and I felt I had no control about my eating anymore. I was eating non-stop (even though healthy options), was feeling exhausted as was not giving any break to my system but the most frustrating was that I felt totally out of control. Severine was recommended to me by a colleague and even though it was not an easy road her great support, her suggestions, her plans, the fact she is always there 24/7 ready to give some courage and some good ideas helped me a lot. Now I have just finished the program and finally I am back to having 3 to 4 meals a day, I  have more energy, I am much less lethargic but above all I am in control again." - Sandra S.V.

Stamina and weight loss
" Severine is a very open and honest person who listens to your story and what it is you are looking for. She was able to perfectly analyse what exactly I could benefit from keeping my personal goals in mind. I feel like this experience was more than just advice on what to eat but also opened up a new 'world' of food to me. I absolutely loved the experienced and would recommend her to anyone." - Susanne K.

Weight loss
" General experience is amazing. I have learnt a lot about balancing my meals, reintroducing carbs/grains into my diet and enjoying eating whole foods. I no longer have big cravings. I sleep better. I have less sugar. Loss on the scales is encouraging." - Victoria H.

Weight loss and wellbeing
" I found Severine's programme very helpful. The material and feedback provided really has helped me to recognise my eating habits and in the process help me understand how good nutrition is linked to every part of my wellbeing." - Jaswinder M.

Weight loss after a baby
" I cannot recommend Severine enough. I put on 3 stones since getting pregnant and having my daughter and didn't manage to shed the pounds on my own. As soon as I enrolled Severine's help, the weight started going down quickly and it was so much more easier than I thought it would be. After 3 months working with Severine, I have lost over a stone and I am now confident I have all the necessary tools/knowledge to be successful in my weight loss. For me, it was not only about losing the weight but also about learning to eat healthy and make a real lifestyle change and Severine really helped! The way she works is fantastic as she offers real support throughout the program" -  Christel T.

Weight loss
" I worked with Severine for a period of six months. In that time, I was able to lose around 8kg by making simple changes to my diet and daily habits. I found Severine to be both practical and creative in terms of helping me to make changes and keeping to those changes when inevitably, I lost some momentum. She is a good listener and very understanding which makes working with her a pleasure. I would recommend her to others" - ?Matthew B.

Food intolerances and weight loss
" I struggled with my weight for years as I battled with the symptoms of P.C.OS, and had gone through a miscarriage earlier in the year. I was also starting to have issues and could just not seem to correct it. I felt quite hopeless with the prospect of getting healthy and back into shape before trying for another baby, and did not want to use any of the conventional recommendations suggested by my doctor, so I decided to meet Severine and opt for a more natural approach.
Meeting Severine was amazing and she was able to clearly direct me in the simple changes I needed to make to my diet and lifestyle. She was very understanding and motivating, and the consultation was exactly what I had hoped it would be. I was very surprised at how quickly the weight started to drop off and my issues improved. At my 6 week follow up I already felt like a different person and in such a better place. Severine was able to revise my plan further and things are still going strong and improving each day. I'm now looking forward to trying for another baby and am hopeful we'll be successful his time around! Thank you Severine!" - Philippa A.

Weight loss
" I ask Severine for help because I wanted to lose 10 kg, and despite going to the gym 5 times a week for 3 months, I still hadn’t lost any weight. She nicely explained to me that weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise, so even if I was doing everything right at the gym, if my food diary didn’t improve I would still be at the same point in a year’s time.
So I started making simple changes, and the weight started to come off. After a while I started going to the gym only 3 times a week, and the weight was still coming off as long as I sticked to a few simple rules. I really enjoyed her programme because I was able to eat tasty food and have the occasional night out. She totally understood me and got me where I wanted. Totally recommend her!" - Marc M.

Food cravings, weight loss and mood swings
" I followed a 4-week programme with Severine. My goals were to avoid food cravings, lose some weight and also improve my overall mood. Severine made it clear that these 3 goals were all linked together. She explained the cause of my failure to reach these goals and what I could do to reach by improving a few things in my diet and lifestyle. After the 1st week, I was already starting to see some improvements in my body. My cravings were gone and I didn't find it too difficult to give up some of my favorite guilty snacks. Severine was very motivating and enthusiastic throughout the programme. She also provided some ideas and recipes that helped me eating a wider range of foods. She also provided good explanations on body functioning and why the programme is effective. I would definitely recommend Severine to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle, no matter how big or difficult the challenge seems." - Esther B.

Weight loss and improving immunity
" Severine is a highly professional nutritionist with extensive and up-to-date knowledge. She is highly personable and makes sessions not only interesting and relevant, but also fun and energising. I highly recommend her services to people who want to get serious with their health and nutrition." - David V.

Lack of energy and weight loss
" My time spent with Severine was totally worthwhile - I wish I had done it sooner. She took the time to understand my situation and motivations and was given easy work arounds that left me feeling great. And then just as bad habits crept back in a coaching call with Severine would put me right back on track. We all sort of know what to do but working with Severine made this fit into my busy work life and kept me motivated week on week." - Annemieke van der V.

Weight loss after a baby
" Severine is a competent nutritionist, who gave me a lot of great advice for loosing the last pounds of baby weight after having my little son. She provided me with a lot of interesting information about nutrition and checked very thoroughly my health history before starting the programme. She also provided me with tasty recipes that are easy to prepare. I started by making small changes to my diet step by step following Severine's advice and feel much better and more energised. A huge thank you to Severine - highly recommendable!" - Annika C.

Other recommendations

"Excellent therapist, she really cares about her clients. A pleasure to work with!" - Nicola Z.

"Severine is very knowledgeable and approachable. I felt very comfortable talking to her about some very personal issues and she gave me the courage to change my habits in a simple, gradual way to achieve my goals. Thank you Severine!" - Chiara F.

"Severine is an inspiration. If you are looking to improve your and your family's health, look no further - she has so much passion and knowledge of human health and her consultations are truly empowering. She is also lovely! I would highly recommend her." Magdalena D.J.

"Severine is full of knowledge and enthusiasm and I love that she will go above and beyond the call of duty to figure out a solution. She's great! - Karen M.

"Severine is very inspiring in her approach and has a wide depth of knowledge - highly recommend!" - Lindi R.J.

"Severine is an amazing nutritionist. She has a great passion for helping people and ensuring they are brought back into balance in a safe way. She has made various tv appearances to promote nutrition and is always on hand to help." - Habib A.

"Severine is a gifted and professional practitioner who really cares about delivering results with and for her clients. I highly recommend her services." - Sarah J.

"Severine provides excellent service and she is very knowledgeable. She has fantastic listening skills and is approachable in a non-judging way. I would highly recommend." - Anna W.

"Severine is a great nutritional therapist, and lovely and caring person! She is very passionate about healthy eating and her knowledge is impressive! " - Karolina L.

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