Wicked ways to talk to tweens about weight

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What does this cover?

A fact-packed, life hack filled video that will change the way you talk to the tweens (kids aged 8-12) in your life about food and how to maintain a healthy weight.

In this eye-opening resource I share some of the game changers that can help kids maintain a healthy weight whilst building a really positive relationship with food.

  • You'll discover how to talk to the kids in your life about eating well and looking after their bodies without damaging their self-esteem or triggering concerns about body image.
  • Explore some marvellous mantras that explain the benefits of different nutrients in ways that will really connect with kids. 
  • Get to grips with hunger and learn some great practical life hacks.

You can access this resource here.

If you would like to ask questions having viewed the video, head along to my Facebook Page - Eating Mindset and reach out from there or via Instagram - eatingmindset.

I look forward to supporting you and your family.

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Hosted by Dr Stephanie Fade

Hi I’m Stephanie, an experienced Dietitian, resilient and compassionate mum of 2 children with additional needs and fierce lobbyist for scientifically robust nutritional advice. I help parents and carers discover ways to support their children to be better nourished and maintain a healthy mindset around food.

Hosted by Dr Stephanie Fade