Helping tweens and teens who are still super faddy eaters

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£100 for four x one hour sessions

Fed up with mealtime meltdowns? 

Are you stressed out at mealtimes with a tween or teen who still cannot manage to eat a reasonable variety of everyday foods? Maybe your eight year old eats just three different foods and seems terrified of others? Perhaps you despair because your teenager will only eat white foods. Maybe your child won’t go near fruit and veg or good sources of protein that they need for growth?

This fun, interactive four session webinar programme offers a compassionate space where you can get the information and support you need to help your child breakthrough to better eating.

  • Understand why your child is struggling
  • Learn the truth behind the nutrition headlines about healthy eating, food, mood and behaviour
  • Maintain a positive connection with your child despite the turmoil
  • Discover critical areas of life you must tackle to avoid getting de-railed.


  • Choose from four live, interactive sessions at either 10am on Tuesdays or 8pm on Thursdays.

You will need:

  • Nothing but wifi and a computer, tablet or phone. You won’t be on webcam so feel free to join in your PJs with a cup of coffee if that’s what suits you.

Who is this for:

  • For all parents/carers of older faddy eaters particularly if they have attachment difficulties, anxiety issues or a neuro-developmental condition such as autism, ADHD or FASD.

Price includes resources and access to recordings of the webinars.

10am sessions run on

6th February, 20th February, 6th March and 20th March.

Register here for the 10am sessions:

8pm sessions run on

8th February, 15th February, 1st March and 22nd March.

Register here for the 8pm sessions:

If life happens and you miss any of the sessions don't forget that you will always get the recording.

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Hosted by Dr Stephanie Fade

I am really passionate about this material. Not just because I am a dietitian with expertise to share but also because I am a mum to two super faddy eaters. I have been on a journey with my children and I can't wait to share my battle tested strategies to help you find more mealtime peace.

Hosted by Dr Stephanie Fade