How to start your wellness journey

How many times have you said, ‘I’m making a change today’ only to fall off the wagon a week later? Many of us will feel that hit of motivation on Sunday evening. But after a few days of eating salads and forcing ourselves to go for a run, inspiration disappears and motivation dwindles.

Start your wellness journey

This makes the journey seem impossible – it’s not enjoyable and you feel more stressed than ever. Putting pressure on yourself can work, but if your heart isn’t in it, success is hard to achieve.

However, there are ways you can start the journey and stay on the path ahead. We understand that the amount of information out there makes it hard to know where to turn, or what to believe. But we are dedicated to making your journey easier. Here at Nutritionist Resource, we aim to provide you with the tools you need to make a decision about your next steps to health and happiness.


Read up on what you want to know. Do you want to learn more about diet for PCOS or IBS? Perhaps you enjoy the gym and fitness, but want to know what you should be eating after a workout? You may simply want guidance on what to eat for your body. Whatever it is you are after, grab a cup of tea and take a look at our fact-sheets, our blog and expert articles.

Recognise your goals

Set aside some time to really think. What is it you are trying to achieve? Write down all your goals and hang them up somewhere in your home. Give them a tick box so you feel that sense of achievement when you have reached each one.

Be realistic in your goals. You may not know where you want to be in five years time, so focus on the now. Maybe you want to push yourself and join a gym. Maybe you already go to the gym, but you want to start a new spin or yoga class. You may want to cook from scratch more often. Whatever it is, make little goals that are easy to achieve. Small steps are just as important as one big leap.

Get inspired

Find what inspires you. For some of us, that may be following people on social media, or reading the blogs of our favourite fitness stars. You may want a new cookbook, some new gym gear or a new workout playlist. Treat yourself and make sure you don’t put yourself down if you are yet to reach the first goal. This is a journey and a lifestyle – it takes time.

Speak to people

Your friends and family will act as your motivators for much of your journey, but we will all go through times where we need a little extra support. Don’t be afraid to speak to an expert – it can be beneficial to speak to someone who is trained to help, you may learn something new.

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Written by Ellen Lees

Ellen is the Content Manager for Happiful.

Written by Ellen Lees

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