Jane Pugh BSc (Hons). PhD., DHNP, ADHNP, mNNA

Jane Pugh BSc (Hons). PhD., DHNP, ADHNP, mNNA

Life Force Nutrition
Knoll Cottage
81 Aldershot Road
Church Crookham
GU52 8JY

+07881 915537

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Life Force Nutrition
Knoll Cottage
81 Aldershot Road
Church Crookham
GU52 8JY

+07881 915537

About me

Using a scientific approach to nutrition I help clients to identify the underlying causes of their health concerns. Symptoms tell us that one or more of the bodies systems is out of balance.


…and we are tuned into the individual habits of our own bodies. Some of us have niggling symptoms, whilst others may be suffering with chronic illness and pain. In my clinic I see men, women and children of all ages with a whole range of health concerns.

Energy and Vitality

The body can reach a state of fatigue via a number of different routes. For some people this is a 'slow onset' over many years and for others may happen quite suddenly, maybe following a viral infection. Common symptoms include fatigue that is not alleviated by sleep, low energy, low immunity and discomfort throughout the body.

Cleansing the body of Toxins
Toxins originating in the gut are free to circulate the bloodstream and cause inflammatory responses elsewhere within the body. I work with clients to try and identify the root cause of their symptoms.

If the body's primary routes of elimination are not working optimally, I will work with clients to help promote detoxification and optimise these elimination pathways.

Healthy Digestion
Despite its complexity, the human body has a simple mandate. We are designed to take in food, break this down, absorb the nutrients for energy, growth and repair, and eliminate the waste products. If any part of this process is not working effectively, the health of other parts of the body may be compromised.

Hormonal Health
The endocrine system includes a system of glands that produce hormones: thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas, pituritary, pineal, hypothalamus, thymus, ovaries and testes. Hormones work in harmony to regulate a myriad of functions within the body. Imbalances in one organ can impact the overall balance of the hormonal system.

What are your symptoms telling us about the health of your underlying systems?

What is your body lacking and what does it need?

With this understanding in place, I give practical, hands-on advice to help you understand how to help restore and maintain your health. I focus on optimizing health with food and lifestyle and the use of food state nutritional supplements when required. I take time to explain the the science behind my recommendations. I believe that if a person understands why their body reacts in a certain way, that they are better empowered in their health.

Training, qualifications & experience

Advanced Diploma in Holistic Nutritional Practice from the College of Holistic Health and Nutrition.
Diploma in Holistic Nutritional Practice from the College of Holistic Health and Nutrition.
GAPS practitioner. Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS)™ is a condition which establishes a connection between the functions of the digestive system and the brain. This term was created by Dr Natasha Campbell–McBride, MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (human nutrition).
BSc. (Hons) Ist Class. Microbiology and Botany, University of Nottingham.
Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics, University of Nottingham.

Member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP).

I am a Full member of this professional body for Nutritional Therapists. This means that I am obliged to abide by their strict Code of Ethics, I am fully insured and I undertake regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as encouraged by the organisation.

Member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA).
Similarly, the NNA has a strict code of ethics that all members are required to meet, together with a high expectation in terms of CPD.

Fully registered with the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT).

With a Biology background and a Doctorate in Molecular Genetics, I have a deep understanding of how the body functions and its numerous metabolic pathways. This gives me clear insight into devising a targeted Nutritional Program for individual clients.

Nutritional Therapy is an exciting and rapidly growing profession. I am committed to promoting the highest standards of practice. As a life-long learner, I am committed to Continuing Professional Development and I regularly attend conferences and seminars to keep up-to-date with the very latest in nutritional research.

I work with clients of all ages and a broad spectrum of health concerns.

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FREE introductory phone consultation

I offer an initial consultation by phone. This allows you to establish whether Nutritional Therapy is the right route for you with no obligation to make a booking. It also allows me to ensure that my skills and knowledge are suited to your needs. Please call me on 07881 915537 to have this introductory phone consultation.

If I cannot answer, please leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. Alternatively you can e-mail me at jane@lifeforcenutrition.co.uk so that we can arrange an appointment.

Full consultation – 1.5 hours:

Having agreed your health objectives, I take a complete health history, discuss your concerns and look in detail at your current diet and lifestyle. I take time to explain the Nutritional Therapy approach and the importance of your commitment to this in achieving your health goals. I then work with you to agree a Nutritional Therapy Plan which includes a revised approach to food and eating, lifestyle recommendations and a supplement regime if this is appropriate to your needs.

Cost: £65

Follow up consultation – 45 minutes:

I recommend a follow up consultation 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation. This is used to assess the progress that you have made and any changes to your symptoms. We then adjust your Nutritional Therapy Plan to advance your therapy. The frequency and number of follow up sessions will depend on your individual circumstances.

Cost: £45

Food intolerance testing – 2 hours:

I offer Food Intolerance Testing together with a full health consultation. Food intolerance is a complex issue and is not simply a case of identifying problem foods and removing them from your diet. I work with clients to help explain what is happening to produce food intolerance symptoms. We then put together a Nutritional Therapy Plan to manage this imbalance.

Cost: £70

Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultation – 1.5 hours:

I work with you to understand your full health picture. This includes underlying health issues, blood sugar regulation, metabolism and any food intolerances or allergies.

I am then able to work with you to put together an eating plan geared to support optimal health and weight loss.

Cost: £65

Nutrition and Detox Consultation – 1.5 hours:

I work with you to understand your health picture. It is important to understand what is happening inside your body and the health of your routes of elimination. With this knowledge I can formulate a tailor made detox plan that is safe, steady and effective.

Cost: £65

Food Cupboard Make Over – 1.5 hours

I am happy to come to your house and help you decide those foods in your home are supporting your health and those that are counterproductive. I can help you decode food label jargon and offer lots of ideas for substitute foods. I offer this service to clients within a 10 mile radius.

Cost £65

Let’s go shopping - 1.5 hours

I am happy to accompany you to the supermarket to help you select the foods that will support you and your family’s health. This can be especially helpful for people navigating multiple food allergies and/or intolerances. I offer this service to clients within a 10 mile radius.

Cost £65

The number of follow up consultations will depend on your individual requirements. During our initial phone consultation I can give you an indication of how many you are likely to require.

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What some of my happy clients have to say

Dear Jane. I would like to thank you for helping my daughter's. You were the one that helped her and myself. I was in such a state of worry myself for her and now she is my happy, full of energy daughter again….and myself also happy and worry free.

So thank you for this and I will continue to recommend you to everyone I meet. I would also like to thank you for being a good listener and having time to understand all the strains that go with our bodies. Your gentle understanding approach is therapy in itself and I wish you well in your future years of practice.

N. R. – Church Crookham (client aged 8).

Our 12 year old daughter has benefited hugely from seeing you. Your very caring and knowledgeable reaction to her symptoms made her feel there was light at the end of the tunnel.

She could only lie on your sofa, the first visit, by the last she was upright and perky! Taking wheat out of her diet certainly helped. Taking her off dairy in combination with the vitamins and minerals got her back into school and she has been in every day this first half term at secondary school.

She isn’t free of the condition but she has a chance of a normal school life now, which 6 months ago I just could not imagine. We both really want to send you a big Thank you!

B.G. – Farnham (Client aged 11)

“I had a consultation with Jane which she conducted in a very calm environment, asking relevant questions which quickly helped her identify nutrition related deficiencies in my diet. She explained the problem areas to me in a clear, understandable manner, drew up a personal nutrition plan for me and motivated me to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle. I noticed a positive effect within 2 days and since then have seen a consistent ongoing improvement in my energy levels and recovery time following exercise. I am very grateful for Jane’s help and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

G. S. – Ewshot (Age 40)

After months of ‘not feeling quite right’ I met with Jane unsure if it was just old age and something I had to get used to. Following Jane’s advice I focus more clearly both physically and mentally and don’t get as agitated by difficult situations. As a completely unexpected bonus the symptoms that I have suffered from for as long as I can remember have all but disappeared. I cannot recommend her guidance highly enough.

C.S. – Church Crookham (Age 42)

I am writing to express a sincere Thank You for the recent consultations with my son, T. I can’t thank you enough for your time and help.

J.B. – Church Crookham (Age 16)

I saw Jane at Life Force. After taking her advice and making a few adjustments and additions to my diet and lifestyle I can honestly say that I have improved more than I imagined. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking to improve a similar problem.

J.W. – Church Crookham (Age 55)

My 14 year old daughter had no energy, was exhausted for no apparent reason. A friend recommended Jane and I must admit I was sceptical at first but thought it was worth a try. With great patience Jane examined my daughter’s constitution, her childhood, even her birth story and even whether she was breastfed. She explained how every organ is interconnected and how we can fine tune ourselves by adding various supplements to our diet and it just all made sense. She prescribed various minerals which were not synthetic and honestly, within days my daughter changed. She regained her energy and basically we got our daughter back. A few months later we returned for a follow up discussion where it was a pleasure to report  that the supplements had worked. Jane’s thorough explanation and N’s amazing recovery have inspired my daughter to choose this particular strand of nutrition in her university medicine course. I would thoroughly recommend Jane’s work. We found her to be knowledgeable, patient, honest, understanding and what she recommended worked!

L.P. - Hartley Wintney (Client aged 14)

“I have recently visited Jane after experiencing pain and feeling run down for a number of months after having 2 small kids. I can’t talk about results yet as it’s been only a couple of days since I have seen Jane, but her approach is fantastic. She starts by finding out what your goals are, then finds out as much as possible about your personal history and spends great amount of time explaining things and coming up with recommendations that won’t break the bank. I am hoping that with her help I will be back to my bouncy-self in no time. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone who wants to find a natural solution to their health problems.”

A. G-S. – Basingstoke (Age 36)

“Following an initial consultation with Jane of Life Force Nutrition; I have, for the past year, been taking the multi-vitamins she recommended and followed the wider health regime suggested. As a result, I now have far more energy, drive, am more active. I’d highly recommend anyone to do the same.”

L. M. – Fleet (Age 50)

Weight Loss

I have recently been seeing Jane to help get my nutrition back on track and lose some weight. Despite cooking healthy family meals, I’ve tried so many diets over the years that I had lost my way with what I should & shouldn’t eat! Jane’s approach is so sensible, practical and realistic – she has helped me do what so many diets have never done – I finally have the mind set about healthy eating for life so I don’t feel like I am on a diet yet I’ve lost a stone in 4 weeks! I have more energy, I am sleeping well, my skin and nails look great and the whole family are benefiting health wise from the small changes I’ve made to their diets too. Jane’s six week programme with check-ins to keep me on track & for her to answer any questions I have has been brilliant at helping me get started and keep going without getting sucked back into any of my old habits. Jane’s knowledge is huge & her passion for the work she does is evident – I can’t recommend her highly enough.

S. S -Farnborough (Age 40)

“I first consulted Jane in 2012 as I was worried about what I was eating, my weight and nutrition as I am getting a bit older…..

We had a lovely conversation which covered topics I expected to chat about and others I didn’t. Jane certainly provides a holistic approach!

We came up with a plan – and what I found really great was that she kept in touch for the next 6 weeks to make sure that I was OK with keeping to the plan. Further recommendations were made too.

The result is that I have a better regime, have lost a bit of weight and I feel so much better. Thanks Jane.”

A.D - Hartley Wintney (Age 55)

Church Crookham, GU52 8JY

Type of session

Online nutrition support: Yes
Telephone nutrition support: Yes
Face to face nutrition: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None