Nutritionist Resource featured on Age UK Mobility

Age UK

Nutritionist Resource has been featured on Age UK Mobility, a partnership that helps to connect the elderly with accessibility equipment.

The article, focuses on how diet changes as we grow older and how we can adapt our habits to suit this. It also looks at simple tips to use the kitchen safely and get the nutrition you need.

In the article, we explain how seeking professional support can help the journey and make it easier.

“We understand that as you grow older, it can be difficult to know what your body needs. When it comes to food and nutrition, we need to adjust our habits as our body changes. This isn’t always easy to do alone, so we want you to know that help is available.”

Read the full Age UK Mobility article.

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Ellen Hoggard

Written by Ellen Hoggard

Ellen is the Content Manager for Memiah and writer for Nutritionist Resource and Happiful magazine.

Written by Ellen Hoggard

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