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About me

I trained with Dr Lawrence Plaskett and have over 20 years experience. I am thrilled to be able to say I have been nominated for a 2012 award from CAM for excellent practice!

I practice Naturopathy and have personally not had a prescription nor taken paracetamol for over 20 years. Having said that, sadly it is rare to meet anyone today who can say the same, so most of my patients are on some form of medication and I work happily with them. I first became interested in food and health issues when I discovered my years of suffering had been caused by a yeast infection, poor digestion and dysbiosis and sub clinical thyroid function. Despite countless visits and tests for "women's problems", my Doctors could not identify the primary cause. I had to do it for myself! ( for more specific information about this, please refer to my website). I now manage my health including my thyroid problems (which of course affected my weight) entirely naturally ie - without standard medication!! You should still seek medical advice in the first instance.

If you have health challenges, it is really important to optimize your nutrition. I have a special interest in helping patients with the most serious conditions. I can advise on natural supplements to help alleviate the associated problems with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This is an area of special interest for me.

I am also a Foresight Preconceptual Care Practitioner involved with pregnancy problems and planning. Making a baby is a bit like making a cake - you need the right ingredients ( ie nutrition) from both parents. I have helped people conceive even after IVF has failed.

FROM FAT TO THIN - a scientific weight loss programme individually designed for each client is proving extremely popular. This plan is based on the very latest research. I show you how you may still enjoy food without putting on weight and show you how to identify where your particular problems lie. I had one patient who could gain 5lbs over night after eating cabbage !! I also show you how to prevent the "rebound effect" where all that weight goes straight back on, and a bit more! Preventing rebound is what makes this diet different. How many diets have you done, only to put it all back ? That is because no one showed you how to get your metabolism from fat storing to fat burning. I also mentor you all the way so you are not alone.

Hippocrates said - "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".
Don't underestimate the healing power of natural foods or the potential harm caused by the modern diet and so called "healthy" food which is unhealthy for you. Nutritional Therapy is all about helping you identify good and bad choices unique to you.

Sports Nutrition is another area of special interest. Having been actively engaged in various sports all my life ( I am still rowing and playing tennis) I keep up to date with the latest scientific information.

Stress. This is affecting more and more people and should not be dismissed as part of modern life. Stress causes adrenal burn out and is extremely debilitating. I find many people reporting problems which are only being addressed with tranquilizers which have little or no effect and do nothing to address the underlying issue of adrenal exhaustion..

Training, qualifications & experience

I trained in Nutritional Medicine with Dr Lawrence Plaskett and have since worked in private practice both in North Devon and in Torquay where much of my work has been with children with learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders and adults with IBS. Digestive issues are probably one of the most common conditions I see.

For a number of years I was registered with The British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT)However, I am now  with FNTP ( Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners) as they are more relevant to my professional requirements.

I lecture and give talks to both health professionals and any interested parties on a variety of health and well being topics. I am regularly invited to speak at Juice Plus South West regional meetings.

Juice Plus is a natural food supplement made from 26 of the most nutritionally useful fruits,vegetables and berries and is recommended by top Doctors and Clinicians all over the world. It comes in capsules for ease of consumption and there is a great chewy product for children and a free offer too. Kids love them!it is the only product I have found with over 16 years of Gold standard trials, validated by some of the most prestigious medical Universities right around the world.

Food intolerances and gluten sensitivity are cropping up more and more. I offer unique nutritional profiling which helps you select the foods which are best suited to you personally. This is completely non invasive, does not require a blood sample and is done by questionnaire and follow up.

Hair analysis is very useful and is a very cheap and cost effective look at deficiencies and excesses with minerals, both toxic and essential. High calcium is showing up with nearly every test and must be addressed otherwise it could contribute to heart disease, rather than strengthen your bones.

Weight management is cropping up more and more too. I have a special programme called "From fat to Fit in 8 weeks and eat your self slim". This aims to identify why you have gained the weight, which foods are your particular problem (it could be carrots !), how to over come carbohydrate addiction and finally and perhaps most important - how to prevent the rebound effect where you put back all the weight, plus a bit more!

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Nutritional therapy can help enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting nutritional therapy or making any major changes to your diet or lifestyle.


£60.00 per session
Free initial telephone session

Additional information


These are now via telephone and email. 

During the pandemic I have continued to help patients despite not being able to offer face to face. This has worked well and in some cases has been more convenient as it has removed the need for a long journey as many of my clients are not local to Devon.

I am also able to offer food intolerance tests and a variety of Lab tests to ascertain microbiology in the gut. The price for these has reduced and is now more affordable. ( out of my hands !)

Consultation Cost. £60.00
follow up £ 30.00

Information leaflets are included free

Supplements are supplied at reduced rates and are generally well below retail price. This is because I want you to follow my recommendations and if supplements are necessary in the short term, I don't want affordability to mean you don't try them. The professional formula I use are "foodstate" in many cases which gives maximum bio-availability. Many High Street supplements are made from cheap ingredients and just go straight down the pan !


I currently see patients at the Foot Clinic and Therapy Rooms, Paignton. Home visits are also possible with a reasonable charge relating to distance.On line +phone is available for overseas.

Further information

The Following are also available from other agencies via my clinic.
Laboratory Testing for allergies, food intolerance, and hormonal issues
Hair Analysis - especially helpful where there are pregnancy issues
Homocysteine checks
Thermography ( This is the preferred method of breast screening)

Marilyn Minter-Newson DN Th. Dip N. FNTP. mob. 07917 804 834


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Marilyn Minter-Newson

Marilyn Minter-Newson