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Lucy Joy, MSc, BSc (AFN Associate Nutritionist)

Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8
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About me

I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a Masters in Nutrition & Behaviour.

In my clinic, I work with people to help them find their own version of “healthy”.

I take a holistic, compassionate and person-centred approach to care, combining elements of nutrition, behaviour and counselling experience to support you with your health and wellbeing goals.

Do any of the following statements sound like you?

  • "I wish I could just eat healthy."
  • “I feel like I have no control over what I eat.”
  • "I'm addicted to sugar/carbs/"unhealthy foods."
  • “I can never stick to a diet longer than a few weeks before I fall off the wagon and eat everything I shouldn’t.
  • "I just wish I could be the size I was 5 years ago. I really want to lose weight but nothing works."
  • "Food is the first thing I turn to when I am stressed out, lonely or upset. I wish I could find other ways of coping with my emotions."
  • "I need to manage my health conditions: I have been told to lose weight.... But I've been trying to lose weight for years. I'm scared, fed up, and stressed out about my health conditions."
  • I need to make a healthier lifestyle change that is sustainable long-term."
  • I can't remember a time I've felt comfortable in my body - I've been in a losing battle with my body and food for a long time."
  • I struggle accepting the current version of my body and feel like I will only ever be happy and confident if I am smaller."

I am interested in helping people with a whole range of food, health and body related concerns, such as:

  • Feeling less stressed and guilty around food
  • Breaking away from the binge-restrict cycle
  • Building up a tool kit of coping strategies and skills to help you manage on negative body image days and overall stressful days
  • Creating flexible meal planning support in a way that fits in with your lifestyle (note: this is not a diet plan)
  • Incorporating food and habits which nourish and satisfy your body.
  • Setting and achieving positive health-promoting goals to support you on your path to a healthier, well-nourished lifestyle
  • Moving towards building a positive body image
  • Learning to engage in compassionate self-care practises which benefit your overall physical and mental well-being.

The work we would do together is not a quick fix: healing your relationship with food and your body takes time and practise. But I will be here to support you find what really matters to you when it comes to your health and healing the relationship with food and your body.

If you feel like you are ready to make a change, or if you have any other health concerns that aren't mentioned, I would still love to hear from you. You can use the "message me" function, or email lucyjoynutrition@hotmail.com.

Training, qualifications & experience

Educational Background:

Bournemouth University

  • MSc Nutrition & Behaviour (Accredited with Association for Nutrition) -

Kingston University

  • BSc Human Nutrition (Accredited with Association for Nutrition)

Additional Training:

  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Intuitive Eating: Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approach in Practise
  • Body Image Healing Online Training for Clinicians: The Missing Piece of Whole-Body Healing
  • Motivational Interviewing in Health Care

Member organisations


Association for Nutrition

Association for Nutrition

Nutrition topics

Information about health conditions (*)

Nutritional therapy can help enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting nutritional therapy or making any major changes to your diet or lifestyle.


From £60.00 to £75.00
Free initial telephone session

Additional information

Online Consultations: 

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation £75 (60 min)
  • Follow up Consultations £60 (50 min)
  • Discount on booking multiple session is also available

I believe that everybody should have access to affordable health support. If these prices are not accessible for you right now, I offer a limited amount of spaces at a discounted rate. Please get in touch and we can discuss further. 

I also offer a free 15 minute discovery call! 

Why not get in touch, so we can have a chat about your hopes and goals and to ensure that my services and programme will provide the best opportunity for you. 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

I will do my best to fit my working hours around your availability.  I can offer Sunday appointments on a case-by-case basis.  

Further information

I am currently working online, but I will be offering in-person clinic appointments in Bournemouth from Mid-April.


Type of session

In person


Lucy Joy, MSc, BSc (AFN Associate Nutritionist)

Lucy Joy, MSc, BSc (AFN Associate Nutritionist)