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About me

Hello I'm Kathleen,

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. Please do get in touch to discuss your particular issue to see if we get on and if I can help you.

Qualifying in Australia in 1997, I am a registered Naturopathic Nutritionist, Naturopath (with herbal medicine knowlede), Fertility Awareness and Emotional Freedom (EFT) Practitioner. I am a member of the British Fertility Society and the General Naturopathic Council. I thrive on learning and attend seminars all around the world to offer you the latest evidence-based scientific advice to overcome your hormonal issues, improve chances of a natural conception and a healthy pregnancy and if needed, boost IVF success.


Women's Hormonal Health

It goes without saying in a fertility practice, that I work with all aspects of a woman's hormonal health and at all stages of life. This topic is very dear to me as I used to suffer a hormonal condition that made me hairy, overweight and stopped me ovulating. I know first hand how diet and herbal medicine can balance hormonal health and improve the quality of your life. Please contact me to discuss your circumstances.

Pregnancy and Preconception Care

My goal is to help you have that beautiful baby that you’ve been dreaming about. My own struggle falling pregnant led me to specialise in fertility and hormonal health. Having been where you are now, I understand the challenges facing you every day, I’m here to help and I really do care.

The best time to optimise your health for pregnancy is the four months leading up to conception. This is because it takes 120 days for a female’s eggs to mature and for new sperm to develop. I have the mantra, “If you want to be pregnant – you need to act it”. To get the full benefit, it is best if both prospective parents take on the mantra.  Research published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, showed that this approach will dramatically improve your chances of a natural conception by as much as 81% and significantly reduce your chances of miscarriage. In addition, for those that went on to have IVF, they were 47% more likely to have their baby than those without preconception care.

Keen to know what's involved?

I’ve spent the last eight years fine-tuning my holistic fertility programme, making it easy to understand and implement into your daily lives.  The six areas I work with my patients on are;

Fertility Awareness & Timing – take back control of your fertility by understanding the hormonal cycles of your body and how they influence developing eggs and sperm. I can teach you how to recognise your fertile signs, and advise on the best times to have sex and answer all of those awkward questions you have.

Information – a full review of your lab tests, to provide the best treatment options for you. I will suggest and can arrange additional lab tests if you need them.

Food & Drink – a full dietary analysis for you both along with nutritional education. I will offer simple but effective changes that suit your lifestyle.

Environmental Awareness – after reviewing your fertility discovery questionnaire, I will teach you how your environment is impacting your fertility and offer easy solutions to improve it.

Supplements – I am qualified in herbal medicine and nutrition and use this knowledge to give a full review of the supplements you have self-prescribed to ensure they are right for you. I will also develop a bespoke prescription for you based on your tests and your extensive health appraisal.

Relationships, Mind & Emotions – through mindfulness techniques and EFT (a psychotherapy with it’s roots in acupuncture and thought therapy), I’ll help you manage any negative self-talk and thoughts you may have, making you happier and back in control.

I'd be honoured to help you and your partner achieve your goal of becoming a family, whether naturally or along side IVF.

My clinic is located in riverside West Putney and is easily accessed by train, tube and bus. There is also on-street parking available.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have a commitment to lifelong learning and regularly attend seminars on various topics relating to hormonal health, nutrition, herbal medicine and fertility. I constantly keep up to date with the latest research in order to offer the best, most efficacious science-based treatments to my patients.

I am so passionate about fertility education that I am a Director of the award winning My Fertiltiy Matters Project. MFM is a pioneering fertility awareness programme to accompany girls, boys and their parents through puberty and teaches the tweens what is going on in their bodies during puberty and about the importance of their fertility.

My Memberships

Practitioner memberships require specific levels of training and expertise. As such, I have successfully completed all of the requirements to attain membership to the following organisations:

  • Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP)
  • General Naturopathic Council (GNC)
  • British Fertility Society (BFS)
  • Natural Family Planning Teachers’ Association (NFPTA)
  • Foresight – Natural Fertility & Preconception Care Association (FNFPC)
  • The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET)

My Qualifications

  • Diploma of Applied Science - Naturopathic Nutrition
  • Diploma of Applied Science - Naturopathy (Herbal Medicine studied within diploma)
  • Registered Natural Fertility & Preconception Care Practitioner
  • Certified Natural Family Planning Teacher
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practioner - Level 2
  • Nutri Advanced Certified Metabolic Detox Practitioner
  • Nutri Advanced Certified Healthy Estrogen Metabolism Practitioner
  • Nutri Advanced Certified Weight Loss Practitioner

Member organisations


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General Fees: £110 per hour

How often do you need to see me?

It depends on what is going on and how long you have suffered with something. I usually see patients a few times in the beginning and then every second month for shorter consultations to tweak programmes and offer additional guidance. I'm aware nutritional help can get expensive so I'm respectful of people's budgets and always try to be considerate when doing my treatment plans and scheduling follow up appointments.

Fertility: £220 for two hours

I prefer to spend two hours with a couple for the first appointment to gain a thorough understanding of the unique challenges, lifestyle and general health of both partners. I teach fertility awareness and charting, offer nutritional guidance and lifestyle advice so that you can be better prepared for a successful conception. I am able to arrange additional lab tests to identify any possible contributing factors.

Fertility Focus Package: £549* valued at £660.   Save £111

As fertility is something that people want to improve immediately, I offer an intense package of 6 hours spread over 8 weeks to get couples ready for successful conception as soon as possible.

Week 1: 2 hour session

Week 2: 30 minute phone call to follow up

Week 4: 2 hour session

Week 5: 30 minute phone call to follow up

Week 8: 1 hour session

* Full amount must be paid after 1st appointment and contact schedule adhered to.

Further information

Hormonal Health Testimonials

I came to see you once last summer about my recently diagnosed hormonal imbalance. I was very upset at the time, having struggled for months with a lack of periods, severe skin breakouts and hair fall ever since stopping the pill.

You were so kind to me, and gave me wonderful advice that I have followed ever since. I still take Zinc and use Lavender oil to rinse my face, and continue taking care of my diet in the ways you suggested.

I am very happy to email you with news that I feel so much better, my skin has (almost) cleared up and my hair is as close to normal as I can get it. My final year at university is going well as I have been able to focus on my work. I feel happy in my skin and overall I am in a much better place. I want to thank you for the advice you gave me, as I know it contributed to me getting better.

Fertility Testimonials

Prior to seeing Kathleen, I’d had an ectopic pregnancy and six failed IVF attempts. Kathleen helped me identify additional factors that were hindering my chances of success such as mineral deficiencies, a high level of heavy metals in my body and the negative effect stress had on my hormones.

I felt motivated and supported by Kathleen during this trying time. She developed an individual plan for my nutrition and a specific cleanse to remove the metals. Kathleen understood I couldn't spend hundreds of pounds on supplements and worked with me to prioritise spending, and was flexible with seeing me eg Skype calls when I couldn't meet in person. After working with Kathleen for nine months, I had one more round of IVF and I’m thrilled so say I became pregnant and had a healthy pregnancy and perfect baby girl.

If you are thinking of focusing on your health and nutrition to get pregnant naturally or through IVF, I'd highly recommend having a consultation with Kathleen and understanding better how she can support you. Thank you Kathleen!


When people said to me that they were 'trying for a baby', I didn't really understand it. You see, as a teenager, I was educated to believe that conception is the easy part.. it’s the avoidance of conception that should be the concern.  The pill was the go-to solution to avoid pregnancy and as soon as you wanted to have a baby? Well, you’d just come off the pill, right? How wrong was I!

Fast forward 15 years or so and I’ve learnt the hard way that this is not the case for me, and many other women out there.  Month after month after our wedding day, I thought ‘this will be it’ and looked for every little sign of encouragement to make myself believe it could really be happening.  Sore boobs? Check! I think I feel a little sick! Low energy? Hell yeah!

However, the results were always the same – negative.  After a year and a half of trying to conceive, countless NHS tests, acupuncture appointments and a vicious monthly cycle of disappointment, perseverance and hope, I felt utterly exhausted.

Then, a good friend introduced me to Kathleen.

First of all, I had never heard of a ‘Naturopath’ and so again, didn’t really understand the concept. However, this friend had also had difficulty conceiving, had seen Kathleen and within just a few months, was expecting her baby. Well, that was good enough reason to give it a go for me!

When I arrived on my first appointment with Kathleen I was a bit of a broken woman. I felt pretty much alone, so angry with myself that I couldn’t make a pregnancy happen, and so desperate to find a solution.  As a career-driven person, I am used to working hard to get what I want. I just couldn’t fathom why all my efforts were fruitless. So, Kathleen took me on a journey. She taught me things about pre-conception, my body and my mind that I had never considered before, or thought could be playing a part in our struggle. . . OF COURSE I was going to stop drinking when I was pregnant, OF COURSE I would take care of myself for the future health of my child and OF COUSRE I would want to nurture that child throughout it’s life and me the best mum I could possibly be.  What I hadn’t understood before I saw Kathleen was that this stuff needs to happen now. My body needs to be the perfect environment for a baby to develop, my head needs to be in the right place to be able to support that baby and if I’m not prepared to look after myself, how could I be ready to look after a reliant little being?

To break it down, Kathleen has helped me in numerous ways.  Firstly, I no longer felt or feel alone. Given Kathleen’s personal experience, I knew she really understood what I was going through. The fact that she now has her own child gave me hope and the fact that she regularly checked in with me and offered a heap of positivity was just what I needed and has kept me going.

Secondly, the education I have received from Kathleen has been incredible. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to understand nutrition, the pre-conception process and give our baby the best possible start in life. That is absolutely magical and fills me with joy and excitement.  In the meantime I’ve lost weight, am less tired, less bloated and generally happier – result!

The third is strength. After six months of seeing Kathleen, I’ve had the strength to carry on with her program unassisted, focused on our end goal without the same sense of fear or anger. I truly believe that my husband and I will have a healthy, happy baby one day. Maybe not next month, maybe not in six months, but at some point. And when we do, I will know that it was the right time for us."


“Our baby is due late November and we just had our 12wk scan to confirm all is OK. I know we still have a way to go but thank you for being part of what helped us along the way - physically and mentally. I learnt so much from you about nutrition that has set me on a new path, and aside from that, you were a great support when I really needed it.”


“Our journey to having our baby boy was a long and exhausting one. After 5 years struggling to conceive naturally, our next option was IVF, or so we thought. I heard of Kathleen through a friend, so we decided to see her as a last resort prior to starting IVF. She showed me how to recognise my fertile times and taught me a lot more about my fertility, which helped me become more attuned to my body.

She assessed me and found that I was deficient in many important nutrients. She organised an amazing pre-conception plan and taught me how to incorporate foods and a healthier lifestyle into my daily living.

It wasn’t long before I started to see clearer skin, better hair and experienced clear thinking like never before. Then I started losing weight and people commented on how great I looked – what a bonus! After 5 months of being on the Birds & Bees program we found out we were pregnant. My pregnancy was problem free, and we now are the proud, happy parents of our son Jack.

Thank you Kathleen! We are forever grateful.”


“Following the birth of my daughter in 2012, I was diagnosed with retained placenta and 1 month later had to undergo a D&C to remove the retained products. I didn’t realise until we started trying for a second baby almost 2 years later, that this operation had left me with adhesions in the lining of the uterus making conception impossible. Following an operation to attempt to repair this situation, I was put in touch with Kathleen through a mutual friend who knew I was looking for some sort of additional support to help improve my chance of recovery. At first Kathleen provided me with some nutritional advice and recommended an enzyme to take that would help heal the scar tissue in my womb and give my body the best chance of repairing the damage that had been done. Once we’d undergone a more thorough discussion about my health and I’d had a hair sample tested to see if I was deficient in any minerals, Kathleen recommended supplements, a diet plan and lifestyle suggestions that combined would help me heal, and work towards improving my chances of a healthy conception.

Throughout what was quite a dark time in my life, facing the uncertainty of whether I’d have another child, Kathleen remained positive and I found speaking to her and reading her emails very motivating. Knowing that the lifestyle choices I was now making had a purpose and reminding myself of that was really uplifting. I’ve met several health care professional along the way, who have been quite negative and not given me much hope, but Kathleen was able to talk me around and snap me out of any self pitying thoughts.

I was completely shocked and in disbelief when a few months later I found out I was pregnant. Since then, Kathleen has provided me with continuing support and encouragement, and recommended supplements and advice for each stage of my pregnancy, which so far is going smoothly. Now, holding my new born baby in my arms doesn’t seem like an unattainable dream but something that will soon be reality.

I know that through the work I’ve done with Kathleen, I’ve given my baby the best possible start and that’s all that any of us can do. I’ve also recognised the importance of eating well and finding time for relaxation, things that I had thought were impossible to do when you have a 2 year old, but that Kathleen has helped me to fit into my daily life with little difficulty. I don’t know if I would be where I am now without her support, advice and motivation.”


Putney, SW15

Type of session

Online nutrition support: Yes
Telephone nutrition support: Yes
Face to face nutrition: Yes

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Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


I practice Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays. I offer some after-hours and Sunday appointments upon request. I offer a 10% discount on Tuesday appointments.