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Anoushka Davy

Hampstead Clinic Of Chinese Medicine
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Hampstead Clinic Of Chinese Medicine
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About me

Anoushka is a Nutritional Therapist, AFMCP Functional Medicine graduate and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner, specialising in digestion and mental wellbeing.

Her passion for using food as medicine has led her to work with complex cases. She has a keen interest in the connection between the gut and the brain, and has seen profound transformation in her client’s mental wellbeing through focusing on their health.

Anoushka acts as a cheerleader when making change feels difficult, and provides a foundation of support and expert guidance to help her clients stay the course and embrace deep transformation. She is hugely passionate about cookery and enjoys sharing her delicious medicinal recipes with her clients to help get them excited and involved in the art of food preparation - no bland salads or boring meals! She also has an interest in mindfulness, meditation and pranayama (breath work) and enjoys equipping her clients with these tools so they can reconnect with their bodies and feel empowered to combat stress on their own.

Anoushka enjoys the detective work of nutritional therapy - piecing together all aspects of a client’s health history to come up with effective and achievable solutions to help them progress forward on their journey back to optimal health. On top of her professional qualifications, Anoushka is an avid researcher, continually adding to her knowledge to ensure she stays up to date within this rapidly evolving industry, and to ensure her clients are receiving the very best in care that is formulated from the most current scientific and nutritional research.

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Training, qualifications & experience

  • Registered Nutritional Therapist (College of Naturopathic Medicine trained)
  • A full member of BANT
  • AFMCP Functional Medicine Graduate
  • Certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner
  • Fully insured

Other Professional Positions and Consultancy

  • Lead Nutritional Therapist at Amchara, a wellbeing and detox retreat in Somerset

  • Cookery teacher for Made In Hackney and Shoreditch Trust, both aimed at bringing healthy eating to those on lower incomes

  • Nutritional Therapist for RED January, an initiative set up in conjunction with the charity Mind, to support those suffering with mental health issues

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If you would like to discuss your health goals and any questions you may have, I offer a free 20 minute Health and Vitality Review by telephone. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to book this -

*I offer sessions on Skype for those outside of London, or less able to travel.

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Anoushka is extremely knowledgeable on a whole range of subjects and immediately made me feel at ease while carefully and professionally unravelling my current health issues. What followed were easily accessible meal plans, advising changes to my over complex supplement regime that enabled me to re-focus my lifestyle benefitting my health in the following way:

-I had major surgery recently and the consultant was astonished at the speed of my recovery
-Gut bloating and discomfort has cleared up
-I am more relaxed and positive in my daily life
-I am sleeping much better
-My meals now are more nutritious, simpler, with greater variety and i’m more aware of what doesn’t work for me
-I seem to have missed the usual round of colds and flu which everyone around me has recently suffered
-I have lost weight without conscious effort and issues.

Anoushka’s encouragement, support and advice is truly life- changing. Highly recommended.

Steve, London

I had been suffering from severe digestion for over 20 years until I booked my online appointment with Anoushka. I went through numerous medical check ups, but none of the doctors could decide on a definitive diagnose. I was prescribed lots of medication, including stomach acid inhibitors, which only aggravated my symptoms.

When I met Anoushka back in November 2016, I suffered from terrible food digestion where I would experience terrible pain after eating and would have to make myself sick several times a week. I developed a fear of food and eating out was torture.

Fast forward 7 months and I have a much happier digestion system. I have a lot more energy, which is stable during the day. I’ve got beautiful glowing skin. My hair stopped falling out and I’ve got a full head of new hair. I had a stiff and painful shoulder joint, which improved dramatically due to the anti-inflammatory diet, that Anoushka prescribed me. I never realised that improving my digestion would help to sort out a whole array of other health issues. It was quite a bonus.

Anoushka has a very gentle and holistic approach. Her protocols are easy to follow. She helped me to love myself. Her constant reassurance that there is no such thing as failure only feedback became my mantra. I learned to love the food I eat and more importantly enjoy it. Life with three kids can be overwhelming and I learned to have time to myself, even half an hour every day makes a huge difference.

Turning to Anoushka for a help was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I cannot recommend her enough. Anoushka offers Skype consultations, which was a crucial point in my case as I live on the other side of the world.  I experienced great transformative, healing results. I love and enjoy every moment of my life!

Amina, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

I made an appointment to see Anoushka 3 months ago after 40 years of struggling with my weight. I have been overweight my whole life and my weight was stuck at a certain number and no form of exercise or eating plan seemed to change it and to help me to get to a healthy weight. Anoushka has encouraged me to look at myself in a different way. She has taught me how to be kind to myself and to my body, to relax and to begin to love myself. I have miraculously lost weight and am not stuck any more but I am realising that it was not really just about weight. I have taken steps, with Anoushka’s help to change my life. I have implemented new ways to relax, I sleep better, I cook more fresh food, am mindful of the products that I use on my body and to clean my home. The biggest change has been to my mood, I am happier and more hopeful than I have ever been and when life does get challenging, I am learning new healthy strategies to cope. I receive regular compliments about how ‘well’ I look and about my glowing skin. I am so grateful that I booked my first appointment with Anoushka, I had no idea how much my life would change for the better and I am looking forward to seeing where the next few months take me.

Victoria, Notting Hill, London

London, NW3 2PN

Type of session

Online nutrition support: Yes
Telephone nutrition support: Yes
Face to face nutrition: Yes

Practical details

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