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About me

Hey, I’m Aggie, so lovely to meet you! Welcome to Eating is Sexy Nutrition.

Do you feel tired, bloated, have put on weight, and generally feel like a shell of your former self? You’ve been told nothing can be done, your thyroid is not functioning as it should be, so you need to take the drug and get on with your life. What if I told you this was simply not true and you can heal your thyroid through diet and lifestyle changes.

I am a Nutritional Therapist and a Wellness Coach, aspiring chef and food photographer and a mum to two mischievous kitties. But mainly, I am a massive foodie!

One of my key areas of expertise is nutrition for Thyroid Health, with a particular interest in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis / Underactive Thyroid. I have had huge success with a natural approach myself, and relish the opportunity to guide my clients through the same journey.

I also specialise in improving mental health, sleep and energy levels through nutrition, lifestyle and mindset changes.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma (3 years, 200 clinical hours)
  • Intuitive Eating and Weight Loss Coaching Certificate
  • Life Coaching Certificate
  • Sports Nutrition Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Fully accredited member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)
  • Fully accredited member of The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC)

Member organisations


British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy

The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy is the professional body for Nutritional Therapists.

There are different BANT membership classes, including Full Member, Fellow Member and Student Member.

All BANT practitioners must have met the required standards of training, be fully insured and adhere to the BANT Code of Ethics and Practice.

Nutrition topics

Information about health conditions (*)

Nutritional therapy can help enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, but should not take the place of medical treatment and advice. If you have been diagnosed with - or suspect you may have - any of these conditions, please speak to your doctor before starting nutritional therapy or making any major changes to your diet or lifestyle.


Free initial online session

Additional information

Prices start from £375 for a 12 weeks programme,  and vary depending on the level of support you receive.


Send me a message to book in your free 30 minutes CONNECT session to discuss how I can best support you with your health goals and a free assessment of your relationship with food.

Or just book directly here:


To hep you achieve the results and transformation you desire, I offer bespoke 12 week coaching programmes and a 3-session consultation package. This allows me to provide you with the knowledge, accountability and support throughout your journey and give you the tools to implement a sustainable change in your eating habits, mindset and long term health.

ReNew 12-Week Signature 1:1 Nutritional Therapy & Health Coaching Programme

The perfect option if you are looking for a complete transformation of your nutrition and lifestyle habits. You are ready to commit to creating a happier, healthier and more aligned you. Particularly suitable if you have a history of long-term health conditions i.e thyroid or hormonal issues, restrictive dieting or mood and energy imbalances.

ReStart 3-session Nutritional Therapy Package

Ideal if you are looking for advice on a particular short-term health or lifestyle goal with less support in between appointments than is available in the 12-Week ReNew Programme.

Both programmes are subject to availability and suitability and can be fully tailored to your personal needs and budget.

Prices start from £375 for 12 weeks programmes, and vary depending on the level of support you receive.


Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm Flexible outside of these hours- get in touch to discuss further.

Further information

Client love:

I was referred to Aggie by my friend as I struggled with dieting, weight loss and tummy problems. I have to agree - Aggie is amazing. I am extremely happy with the results of our work. Definitely, the most professional nutritionist I have ever worked with. Her work ethic and her up-to-date knowledge are outstanding. She patiently explained all of the changes I should apply and how it will affect my body, taking into consideration all of my preferences. I have received very accurate nutrition tips and have been recommended top vegan supplements. She also sent me a GP referral letter for a blood test, which helped us understand my problem's nature. I feel so much better (and happier) now. On top of everything, she is just simply super friendly and easy to talk to. After the first consultation, I am definitely going to sign up for one of Aggie's coaching programmes to support me with my health journey.

- Anna J.

I couldn't recommend Aggie enough! She has a great, wholistic approach towards nutrition and helps you understand how to create a balanced (and delicious) diet maintaining healthy relationship with food. I really enjoy implementing the tips from our appointment to my everyday life adding colour and taste to my plate. If you're looking for someone who can listen to your needs, Aggie is the best person!

- Kat B.

I had a great consultation with Aggie who really made me understand how to improve my bad eating habits as well as how food influence mental health. I definitely would recommend her coaching for everyone who is looking to live better. I am already implementing changes that she suggested starting with getting a right medical tests which I would have never considered if that wasn’t for her. I can’t wait to see results in my performance and becoming a healthier athlete who enjoys the food rather than restricts majority of it.

- Ana S.

I thought I had a reasonably good understanding of diet but following my 1 hour appointment with Aggie, where we discussed the health questionnaire I'd sent her alongside my 3 day food diary, I can really see where I can make easy changes that will have a big impact on my day to day life and long term health. I left the appointment feeling empowered and just 3 days later I already have more energy which is a direct result of her advice.

- Tamsin W.

To manage my autoimmune condition I tried every diet I could think of. Gluten-free, paleo, etc. I was increasingly worried about restricting too much, obsessing about different food groups and potentially missing out on important nutrients. I felt so lost! I thought Aggie would be a good person to speak to, as her background seemed similar to mine. It was the best decision I could have made! After a few weeks, I started looking at what and how I eat in a completely different way. I am feeling more comfortable trying the ‘forbidden’ foods, and my general sense of wellbeing has dramatically increased. I would definitely recommend Eating Is Sexy to anyone struggling with food and nutrition, especially if you suffer from an autoimmune issue.
- Kate L.

Before Aggie, I was putting myself through an extremely strict diet that I thought was super healthy. While my lunches were quite varied, all I ate for dinner was an extremely boring salad with little to no nutritional value. I was losing my belly, but I was also more susceptible to illness, my energy levels were low and I had difficulty maintaining focus. Aggie taught me how I can eat more freely and introduced me to a world of new foods and fun recipes! I'm having so much fun in the kitchen and my energy levels are back on track. Thanks Aggie!
- Angus s.

Aggie has helped me tremendously in my journey to a better relationship with food. I completed her 12-week programme and have found her extremely supportive and encouraging throughout. She was very responsive and answered all the questions I had. She also held me accountable for all the goals we set which helped immensely. My binging episodes have stopped, and I am so much more confident and happier in my body. I feel like a new person!"
- Anna k.

Aggie has helped so much with my mood and energy levels by drafting a meal plan for me and going through my diet to see what I should substitute with healthier options! She listened to my problems with focus and fatigue, and after following her plan I feel more alert and less heavy. I would definitely recommend her to my friends who are looking to make a positive change in their life through nutrition.
- Andrew k.

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Aggie McCabe - Underactive Thyroid & Hashimoto's, Nutrition and Coaching

Aggie McCabe - Underactive Thyroid & Hashimoto's, Nutrition and Coaching