Tired? stressed? Your thyroid & adrenal glands need help!

Imbalanced hormones can cause body chaos. Constant stress causes excess and chronic cortisol being produced from the adrenal glands which then impedes the thyroid gland. A depressed thyroid can result in weight gain, depression and lack of energy. 

Obviously trying to moderate lifestyle is important, but what is also important is working with yourself internally through the right nutrition. The hormone system needs good raw materials for repair and rebuilding. The adrenals use copious amounts of Vitamin C when stressed. B vitamins are paramount. The thyroid is being bashed by cortisol and hence an anti-cortisol nutritional plan is needed.

Thyroid balancing is delicate where magnesium, selenium are key - a couple of brazil nuts a day won't hurt! The thyroid produces 95% T4 and 5% T3, the latter being the significantly more active. Although the thyroid does not produce all T3 in the body (other organs convert T4 to T3 including the liver, gut, skeletal muscle and brain), it is like a deck of cards - once the first card falls the others can tend to follow. 

Are you addicted to carbohydrates? Craving constantly? This could be to the detriment of your thyroid. But when you are adrenally stressed, energy is low, and the brain 'thinks' carbohydrates can provide energy. However, this energy is short-lived and then insulin is in the bloodstream too long. You may notice periods may become erratic - again another hormone which can impede the fertility hormones.

In conclusion, the female hormonal system is so delicate, inextricably linked and needs a natural hormone nutritional specialist to work through its intricacies.  

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