Tips on how to stay healthy on holiday

This time of the year is especially important, it is summer time and holiday time for many. We are looking forward to taking a few weeks break to unwind, to rejuvenate, spend precious time with our closest ones as well as to see new places, meet new people and try new things. And staying on a top of the things when travelling can be uneasy for some of us when considering eating- if we are looking for eating healthy and maintaining or losing weight. So, if you are just about to head on your beautiful holidays, keep reading and find some suggestions on how to stay healthy on holiday :)

Holidays are fantastic for your health and bring an opportunity to rest and relax which will support adrenal glands to recover. Make sure that you have enough sleep.

Planning meals for your journey will help to avoid processed and junk foods during travelling-in airports and on flights. Take a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts and seeds for your snack and pack your salad to a Tupperware box for your flight.

Make sure that you are staying hydrated-during your journey to your holiday destination as well as while you are on holiday. Carry a big bottle of water with you to ensure that you are drinking enough. This will also help you to flush out all byproducts and toxins and promote weight management. Drinking water also helps to keep your skin moist, supple and elastic.

Eat your meals regularly and include snacks. Having breakfast will give you a good amount of energy for the day. Choose seasonal fruits with natural yoghurt, purple colour fruits like prunes, blackberries, blueberries or black grapes help prevent the break down of collagen. Have eggs or salmon on whole grain toast with mashed avocado. Take advantage of seasonal foods in your holiday destination. If you are staying by the sea have fresh grilled fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and fresh tuna which are great sources of Omega 3, important for skin health (among many other benefits). Enjoy lovely summer with colourful salads to boost vitamins and antioxidants. Choose to have a bigger lunch and light dinner without starchy carbohydrates to promote weight management.

Are you planning a night out during your holidays? If yes, eat plenty of protein before and alternate alcohol with glasses of water. It will prevent a hangover the next morning as well as excessive alcohol consumption and you will still enjoy your night out.

Have an amazing holiday, plenty of sun, good food and great times.

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