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All of us deal with stress, whether we recognise it or not. Stress can be good or it can be bad; it’s just something that uses our body’s resources including our energy. If we’re in a demanding role at work, and enjoying a challenging sports routine then we simply need lots of energy to deal with that stress.

The fuel for energy is food. The food we eat is digested into nutrients which are absorbed into the bloodstream and used to create energy. The challenges of working life mean we often can’t access the food that we know is healthy for us, we’re short on time to find it or are overwhelmed by mixed media messages. 

What can you do to be the best you can?

- Create ‘Project Me’. Set yourself a wellness goal and tell someone.
- Measure the current status. Questionnaires, scientific tests and health assessments help you understand today’s situation.
- Create an expert team to help deliver this plan. In business and in sport the successful people recognise the need for a support team from various disciplines.
- Create the action plan, set milestones and review points.
- Congratulate and reward yourself, then move onto the next goal!

Creating your team

Your team is unique to you and each expert offer will something different. It may include a GP, a physiotherapist, a sports coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, a coach or counsellor and a nutritional therapist. Registered nutritional therapists analyse your health history and goals, recommend and organise scientific tests, provide practical food plans, lifestyle and action plans. All of this is specific to your biochemical and lifestyle needs, as well as coaching or mentoring you and giving you someone to share your progress with and ask questions.  

Getting started

Now you know that you want to take action, it's as simple as searching for a nutritional therapist that can help you. When you have found the one for you, send an email or make a phone call that simply says you'd like some advice.

Wishing you success in life, work and sport!

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Written by Joanne Hart, BSc (Hons), health & hart. Gut, energy, and sport specialist
Wokingham RG40 & Birmingham B29

Joanne Hart of health and hart is a degree level Registered nutritional therapist, yoga teacher and motivational coach. She works with professionals and athletes to help you as you're releasing you inner potential. By tailoring your nutrition she helps you move towards optimum health and performance for life, work and sport.

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All nutrition professionals are verified