The Autumn Equinox – Time for a detox?

It's almost 22nd September time for the autumn or Fall Equinox (Mabon). It is one of two times in the year when day and night are equal in length. Unlike the Spring Equinox, the Fall Equinox marks the beginning of shorter days and longer nights as we gather our harvests and gather with friends to strengthen our spirits in preparation for the winter. It marks the season of harvest festival and thanks to Mother Earth. It is a time when we can think of balance in our lives and hence can redefine our intentions. Honouring such natural cycles can help the body to be well-nourished and free from excess toxins.

Cleansing at this time of year is as important as spring cleansing - which allows us to make room for new growth. It is a time when our external action mirrors our internal, hence cleaning our houses and our bodies simultaneously. It is a time to GET RID OF EVERYTHING PAST ITS SELL-BY DATE AND MAKE ROOM IN YOUR LIFE FOR CONTEMPLATION.

It is a great time therefore for considering a detox as we go into the new Season! Rethinking your diet/detoxifying should always start slowly, easing into it and easing out otherwise you could have negative symptoms before you have positive! Since our livers are our main detoxifying organ of the body it is a time to take some of the burden off these over worked organs!

There are many benefits to a detox and it does not have to be severe. It is good to start by dropping a few of the most challenging foods you are eating or cutting out junk and increasing fluids/water. There are many books written on detoxes and about the benefits of eating raw foods for health. I find that a Spring Clean or an autumn cleanse in time for winter is ideal and just what nature intended!

It is safe to follow a detox diet if modified to one’s needs. However they are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and instead are better done some months prior to conception.

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