Stay away from New Year’s resolutions!

Have you made New Year’s resolutions this year?
According to The Telegraph, if you are part of the 66 million people in the UK, your most common New Year’s resolutions are most likely to be (in order of priority):

  • to exercise more
  • to lose weight
  • to eat more healthily
  • to take a more active approach to health

Being a nutritional therapist, I am so proud of these resolutions. People are willing to improve their health and understand this is not just about exercise or dieting. Health is multi-factorial as functional medicine has taught us for the last few decades.
The quote "abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym" perfectly sums up the challenge you may face. When it comes to health goals, you need to look at multiple angles to reach them.
The favourite weight loss diet(s) 'of the moment'
There are many ways to lose weight. If I am honest, I’d say they all work because as long as you watch what you eat, you’ll end up eating less and most likely lose weight as a result – unless there is an underlying condition, and then it may be a lot trickier.  
On the other hand, dieting doesn’t mean that you will lose the weight healthily. If not done properly, then you may end up with a smaller number on the scale but worse off health-wise.

Depending on the diet, you may end up with chronic constipation, a disturbed gut microbiome, excessive cravings, increased cholesterol, and in some cases, consistent dieting may lead to, or be a sign of an eating disorder.
According to a survey by Business Insider, the top diets for weight-loss Americans will be looking to try this year include:

  • low carb diet (28%)
  • calorie restriction (27%)
  • keto diet (17%)
  • low-fat diet (16%)
  • eating less meat (13%)

How many of these have you considered?

If I want to lose weight, what’s the best diet?

Great question! I don’t think there is a 'best diet', as there are too many criteria to consider, and there is only a 'best diet' for everyone individually.
The best tips I can give are listed below. Follow one at a time. Once you feel confident with first one, then keep doing and move to the second one.
1. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water throughout the day.
2. Eat slowly, chew and listen to your body.
3. Eat more vegetables, mainly green leafy and fibrous vegetables.
4. Reduce the number of processed foods.
Results will be there sooner than you expect.
Here's to 2019, your healthiest year yet!

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