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Portion control and a planet friendly approach – a New Year

Portion control can not only help with weight management and consequently health, but also it is a key player for wastage and helping the environment. Whilst we may have good intentions of putting our Five-A-Day in our weekly shopping trolley, sadly some of these items frequently end up in the bin.

On the other hand, we tend to remember to consume confectionary before the use by date and less than 1% of this ends up in the bin! Our food choices can really help the environment, in addition, we can also be left with more money in our pockets!

Aim to for two-thirds of your diet to be plant-based, as this can assist weight, health and the environment. Plant-based foods include, fruit, vegetables, pulses, seeds, nuts, whole grains and meat or dairy alternatives. It is important to include a variety of these foods. One third of our diet can be from animal sources. You can still enjoy eating meat, but aim to add meat to your meals rather than your meal being based around meal. 

Plan meals – this can help in using up foods before they perish. Most ingredients can be used in a variety of dishes, for example, a mix of roasted vegetables can be used in a Sunday roast and then in a pasta dish or stir-fry the next day. Or, pop some of the veg in a sandwich or within a salad for your lunches.

Controlling the portions on your plate can sometimes be difficult when you are really hungry, but serving too much can lead to wastage or you may over indulge. If you are throwing food away, you are buying too much or your planning needs to be tweaked.

Make a food waste diary – this is money literally in the bin! Never eat until you are full (if you feel full, you have eaten too much), eat until you are comfortable and take about 20 minutes to complete your meal. Finally don’t be tempted by the bargains for snack foods/treats – do you really need these? Use the money on healthier options, there are bargains for these too.

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