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Men of the world, it's OK to consult the consultant

I have worked with men as one of the only females in a busy “broking shop” for over eight years. I know their habits, tendencies and routines and have seen a large number of them battle illnesses. It has made me realise that some men aren't very good at taking care of themselves, especially compared to women. Studies have shown that on average men eat, drink and smoke more than women, make far less visits to the doctor, get fewer preventive screenings, don’t exercise enough and take far greater risks. Many men don't understand the whole health and wellness “thing”, therefore 70 percent of them are either overweight or obese compared to 57 percent of us females. The result? Men tend to die younger and more often from ailments as heart disease, cancer and stroke, as well as from injuries.

So, why don't men take better care of themselves?

It's a complicated issue, maybe health is not always something a man has at the front of his mind, or hasn't done since boyhood. When a boy is four years old and falls down, grazing his knees, what is he told? "Big boys don’t cry". That ‘man up’ mindset sticks, even when he is 50 years old and experiencing chest pain, or when he suffers unusual fatigue.

Many men live in denial and rather than taking preventative measures to keep their health in check, they simply go to the doctor when a issue has become too urgent, painful or annoying to ignore. This is something I want to change.

So listen up guys, start today to make a decision to pay more attention to your body. With some nutrition and lifestyle modifications, your risk of so many health conditions from obesity and depression to diabetes and bowel cancer (which is the second most likely disease after heart disease to kill middle-aged men) can be greatly reduced. Would you only top-up the oil in your car when the "check oil" light came on? Of course not. When it comes to our cars, we see the importance of preventive maintenance. So why not treat your body the same way?

Maybe your waist line has been gradually expanding. You may have tried juicing or a specific diet and not been able to stick to it or keep the weight off; you are stressed at work, you have high blood pressure and a family history of cardiovascular disease. Maybe you are not sleeping well, perhaps suffering from a recurring condition? You owe it to yourself and your family to investigate the underlying problems and this is where a nutritionist can help.

Many ailments, disorders and chronic diseases have been linked to poor nutrition. Nutritional therapy recognises that everyone is biochemically different so plans are tailored individually for you.

Experienced nutritionists will guide, educate, motivate and support you on your journey to optimum health and well-being. They will talk with you about your medical history, lifestyle and goals to create a plan that’s just right for you. So go on, consult the consultant today.  

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