Managing the Christmas buffet table - 7 tips for survival

Many people dread the thought of Christmas when they are trying to lose weight. Rather than looking forward to celebrations, all too often, we can feel stressed and uneasy about the prospect of attending functions where food and drink will be outside of our control. But with a little bit of preparation, festive food doesn't need to be the 'diet breaker' it might seem to be. Read on for Dietwise Dawn's seven tips on managing the Christmas buffet table:

  • Don’t arrive too hungry - eat a small healthy snack before leaving, to help you avoid over indulging one you are there.
  • Take a full tour of the table before you fill your plate – try to circle it twice before you choose. Check out the healthiest options and plate these first.
  • Remember, the first three items you eat are most likely to be the most – choose them wisely.
  • Choose to stand or sit away from the table - you will be less likely to give into temptation or mindlessly nibble while chatting.
  • Eat from the dessert plate – fool yourself into thinking you are eating more.
  • Take a bottle of sparkling water to your host and use this to top up any alcoholic drinks you have – it will help keep ‘liquid calories’ down.
  • Eat mindfully – enjoy every bit to its maximum. Really think about the taste sensations and the pleasure of eating. Notice when you are feeling satisfied and feel contented to stop. 

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