Kensington Nutrition detox programme

I developed this programme specifically tailored to fit in with everyday life and to be able to detox within the parameters of your normal existence, without having to make a drastic changes to your lifestyle.

It is really fantastic detox programme, I included my top 20 detox food, herbal detox support drops, my 5 must have detox recipes, and much more.

A considerable number of the health plans you come across in magazines and books include a two-day or weekend detox. However, my view on these short detoxes is that they just don't give your body enough time for the good work to start properly, meaning that your system gets confused. In order to achieve long lasting, even remarkable results from a detox, the programme you follow has to last between 7 and 10 days. Only after this longer period will you great work take root.

Anyone who experience some of the following symptoms may be adversely affected by toxicity and will benefit from undergoing a detox programme. For obvious reasons, the more symptoms you experience, the more urgently your system needs help.
-age (liver) spot
-bad breath
-coated tongue
-digestive problems
-dull hair and skin
-excess weight
-irritability or mood swings
-skin disorders
-sluggish metabolism

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