How your genes can help you to fit into your new jeans!

England’s Chief Medical Officer recently called for DNA testing for all to be available on the NHS because it can revolutionise the way medicine is practised.

It means that all treatment can be personalized as no one size fits all.

Unfortunately, this is a long way off. However, you can personalise your own healthcare with the new DNA Diet and Lifestyle test. This will be a must for you if you’ve tried every diet and you haven’t been successful.

The test determines which is the best diet for weight loss for you personally. It looks at your response to fats and carbohydrate. Amazingly, it will tell you if you have the sweet receptor gene. So, if you are genetically predisposed to a sweet tooth, you know that it’s best to avoid sweets! It looks at your Dopamine receptor gene. This is the ‘feel good hormone’ and it will show if you tend to comfort eat. It examines your glucose response and how well you balance your blood sugar, which is a big factor in weight loss!

It will give you your obesity risk and whether you have the dreaded ‘ Fat Gene’. This regulates your appetite and satiety.

The report looks at your metabolism, energy levels and circadian rhythms, all vitality important for weight loss.

Fats also play a role in health and weight loss. How well you digest, store and utilise and burn fat are reported for you.

Inflammation is a factor in weight loss and a predictor of chronic disease and it assesses your risk.

Finally and most importantly, the report advises you on exercise and tells you exactly how much exercise you should be doing on a weekly basis and the best type of exercise for you as per your genetics.

It really is a revolution in your own health care, which you can use to take control of your health now!

You will need to look for a practitioner who has had training in DNA interpretation and analysis to help you to implement the recommendations of the report, but it's well worth the expense long term to improve your overall health.

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