Gut healing

I like to use a broad spectrum range of healing foods and supplements when healing the gut.

When the gut is off balance we can see a whole host of issues arising. Things like, IBS, Crohns disease, Coeliac disease, skin conditions, allergies, migraines and so many more.

Adding healing foods and supplements to your diet and getting rid of harmful foods, such as processed foods, white carbohydrates, dairy and wheat can all greatly benefit the healing process.

Some of the foods I regularly use in my clinic, are as follows:

Aloe vera - wonderfully healing, anti-inflammatory and full of nutrients to feed the friendly bacteria in the bowel. Look out for organic inner leaf fillet to ensure its high grade. I like Lily of the Desert.

Sauerkraut - homemade is best. It's really simple to do and has trillions of healthy bacteria to replenish the bowel. It's best to use red cabbage as this is extremely healing due to its high glutamine content.

Red cabbage - high in glutamine which helps to repair the integrity of the bowel wall. Grate it into salads, or make a nice crunchy slaw with carrots, apple cider vinegar and a little soy or almond milk.

Kefir - coconut kefir water is loaded with beneficial probiotics to help seal the gut and increase numbers of healthy bacteria in the bowel.

Cabbage water - make soups or just drink on it's own. You can add other herbs and spices to taste. Drink throughout the day.

Linseed Tea - therapeutic tea rich in nutrients, unsaturated organic acids and linoleic acids. It helps to hydrate the bowel and in turn help prevent constipation due to its viscosity. It also aids the removal of toxins.

Probiotics - A good broad spectrum probiotic with at least 10bn live cultures is essential for gut healing.

Make sure to drink lots of pure or filtered water, adding lemons and limes is of great benefit as this will aid alkalinity, and have at least one freshly pressed green vegetable juice a day.

Everyone deserves a happy bowel :-)

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