Getting Older

As we get older, the body requires different things to keep it healthy and help prevent diseases that are more likely to occur later in life. It is important to try and stay active and give the body all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to maintain good health.

Important issues to consider as we get older are:

  • Maintaining and looking after the heart
  • Keeping bones strong
  • Maintaining a health weight
  • Keeping active
  • Avoiding too much alcohol

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals, fibre, omega 3, iron, and low in saturated fat, salt and alcohol may promote a healthy heart, and in turn a healthy body.

The body may need more of certain kinds of food and less of others as we get older, to meet the body’s changing needs. It may be appropriate to start taking vitamin supplements, or other alternatives such as cod liver oil.

Keeping bones strong is very important later in life. As bones age, they become weaker and more brittle, and therefore more prone to breaking, fracturing and osteoporosis. However, measures can be taken to help prevent this. Vitamin D and calcium are essential for bones, and a nutritionist can advise on the best way to get these.

Keeping active may help with many problems as you get older. However, getting the right level of exercise, and knowing what kind of exercise to undertake can often be difficult to judge. A nutritionist can inform you on what may work best, how often you should exercise, and for how long.

Getting older can be a worrying and stressful time, adjusting to limitations the body may have, and learning different ways of staying healthy. However, having a nutritionist means that many questions are easily answered, and you can be confident in knowing that you are doing the best for your body. A nutritionist will provide a simple, easy-to-follow plan that will provide a varied healthy diet, and a tailor-made exercise regime.

With guidance and the right advice, getting older can be made more of an enjoyable, life-enhancing experience, and an opportunity to take control of health, mind and body, rather than a time for worry.

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