Feel fabulous and energised over the Christmas season

We are approaching the Christmas season and that combined with the colder, darker months, it can make it harder to stick to healthier eating habits. We naturally want to hibernate and eat energy rich foods, as this is what our ancestors would have done to survive the cold winter months before we had central heating and supermarkets around each corner!

Here are some top tips for making good choices over the next month which will give you more energy to enjoy the Christmas festivities:

  • Think about foods that are in season and are therefore more nourishing to your body and mind this time of year. Root vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, swede and turnips are in season and lovely when roasted in the oven with a little olive oil. Try having them with a piece of fish or chicken and some roasted sweet potato. You could also make a casserole from them. If you are short of time, you can buy these vegetables prepared from the supermarkets.

  • Try out some herbal teas which do not contain caffeine. Caffeine gives a short energy boost but is not useful for sustaining energy levels throughout the day. It is easy to become reliant on it and then feel rubbish when you don’t have it. Choose herbal teas that support digestion such as mint, ginger or fennel and ones that contain warming ingredients such as liquorice, cardamom and cinnamon.

  • When you are going out for meals, choose the traditional turkey dinner option for your main course rather than something that comes with chips. That way, you are having some meat and vegetables. Meat and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that help you to stay well and fight off colds and coughs more quickly over the colder months. You are also better off having a starter rather than a pudding which is usually something with a lot of sugar in it!

  • Get into the habit of assessing how hungry you are/whether you are full. This is easier when you concentrate on eating rather than watching the TV or using your phone. Start to take notice of when you feel satisfied and are starting to become full. Stop eating then rather than when you are uncomfortable. Whether it’s a family meal at home or a buffet at a party, it helps to put smaller amount on your plate to begin with and have more once you have decided if you need it. This means you won’t feel guilty about wasting food.

  • Remember to keep active. This will help with your digestion of the food and increase your energy levels. If you are going out for your works ‘do’ in the evening, try and have a short walk at lunchtime, go for a stroll after your Christmas day and boxing day meals and get off the bus a stop earlier/park further away from the shops when you go to do your Christmas shopping.

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