Fabulous holiday food

It’s that time of year when many of you are setting off on your holidays for a much needed break. My clients often report that they see some improvement in their symptoms while they are away.

While there are obvious things that contribute to this, like more time for rest and relaxation and less stress (which has a massive impact on our bodies), it may also be that our relationship with food changes while we are on holiday too.

On holiday, we might have a good breakfast with plenty of protein like eggs, bacon and beans instead of a few mouths of cereal or a cereal/breakfast bar which contain no protein, resulting in you being hungry again a few hours later.

We are more like to sit down to enjoy our meals rather than eating ‘on the go’. We take the time to eat slowly and savour each mouthful and are generally feeling more calm and less stressed when we eat.

The reason why I’m mentioning this is because it’s not just what you eat but also the way you eat that can help to improve your health.

Sitting down to eat, without distractions of the TV, eating slowly, chewing food lots before swallowing and maybe taking three long deep breaths before starting to eat (to help move out of a stressed state) helps your digestive system to do its job properly.

This in turn means that the food is digested and your body can actually use the nutrients from the food to function. It’s not rocket science, but it can make a big difference. Think about what small changes you can make.

If you would like some help with digestive issues or other health concerns, contact me for a consultation at my clinic in Bewdley or Bromsgrove.

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